What’s In My Fridge

I’ve never done one of these blogs before but I thought it would be quite interesting to do. It is the sort of thing I like to know as I am nosey in terms of what people eat. I hope you enjoy seeing what was in my fridge when I took these photos. We were towards the end of the week so it isn’t completely stocked up but it gives you an idea into what sort of things I like to eat.

General Items

As you can see I am not dairy free from the semi-skimmed milk. That said, I do love drinking plant-based milks on my cereals or in plant-based recipes. There’s some Oatly chocolate drink which we had as milkshakes. There are also some almond and hazelnut milks by Rude Health; my favourite plant-based brand.

We tend to have a range of sauces such as ketchup, soy, mayonnaise and BBQ. There’s also a Barefoot rose wine in there and some Fever Tree tonic water (we love the Mediterranean one with Seedlip non-alcoholic mixer (which tastes like gin).

Up at the top we have medjool dates which are great as a snack or in recipes such as curries or homemade energy balls. There’s also some eggs, cream cheese and crème fraiche. I cannot forget my favourite brand of hummus either – “Me Too”. I mentioned this in my April Favourites and it is such a delicious one. I love having this with carrot sticks or topping rice cakes as a snack.


Fruit And Vegetables

Owen got me into Jazz apples and they really taste so much better than other types of apple. They are the perfect sweetness. I love them with peanut butter as a snack. We also tend to have berries and grapes with our breakfast so we always stock up on those. I’ll usually keep some bananas out of the fridge too!

In the drawers are some veg such as carrots, onions, cucumber, potatoes (great for jacket potato easy meals), lettuce and peppers. We tend to have a lot of fruit and veg and normally these drawers are filled more than this. I also love using unwaxed lemons to make lemon and brazil nut protein balls for snacks.

You may have also seen some bagels amongst the fruit and vegetables and those aren’t an every week purchase but we were having bagels for some breakfasts that week.


Door of the fridge

Generally, in the door is water and our opened dairy milk. I also keep my plant-based milkshakes from Rebel Kitchen that I love to drink whilst violin teaching – the perfect quick, easy and energy boasting snack when you don’t have time. There is also butter and sauces such as chutneys or mustard in the door of the fridge. I should probably have a clear-out of these soon as some might be a little old! Tomato puree is also an essential for homemade pasta sauces or pizza toppings.

What do you have in your fridge?


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