Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Review

I’ve lusted after anything from Hourglass for quite some time, but in particular their Ambient Lighting Blusher. Not only is the blusher itself unbelievably beautiful, the packaging just ticks all the boxes. This pricey blusher is worth the hype in my opinion and you can read on to see why…

Firstly, can we take a moment to adore the shimmering marbled effect of the blusher? It purely is stunning. The hybrid of lighting powder mixed with the chosen blush shade is just stunning. The effect on the skin is delicate layering with flecks of shimmer amongst colourful hues. It also feels so weightless on the skin!

Whilst some brands compete with this concept, I truly believe the formula of the blushers from Hourglass are just perfect. They blend into the skin so softly, whilst providing a great pigment of colour. I love the shade that I chose – radiant magenta. It is just perfect for the summer months with its golden pink tones. It is a very soft and feminine shade, with heaps of personality!

The lighting powder makes the skin look glowing and smooth, a look that is most desirable in makeup! Some blushers can provide a flat finish but this one is very vibrant. I bought this as a little birthday present to myself! Having tested it already, it is just the perfect girly blusher for any such celebrations.

Have you tried Hourglass blushers?


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