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Disclaimer: This post is an Ad. Please note the items marked with a * were gifted in exchange for writing this blog post, however all opinions are my own.

When Lola’s Apothecary got in touch to ask whether I wanted to write a blog post in exchange for some of their products I jumped at the change. Writing about topics I am passionate about makes blogging even more enjoyable and having the opportunity to try some gorgeous relaxing “spa like” remedies seemed perfect. Everyone needs a little escape from the hectic whirlwind that is life and finding an inner calm at home with relaxing self-care rituals seems the perfect tonic.

“Our dream is that our lovingly handmade products will become a blissful part of your daily self care ritual, that they not only bless you with gorgeous skin, but also provide you with a momentary retreat from the vivid dance of life” Dominic & Lola, Founders

When moments of stress and anxiety creep up on people, senses have a way at providing that warmth of calm. When I used their oils, I was completely captured by the gorgeous aroma. For a moment, my senses were awakened and tranquillity set upon me. I can’t describe how heavenly the scents of the products gifted are. The whole idea behind the brand is to create aromatherapy and wellbeing at home in a sensory form. Lola’s apothecary products focus on natural remedies being free from synthetic fragrance, mineral oils, sulphates, parabens and other undesirable chemicals. The botanical extracts add to that sense of luxury and quality. I was gifted two glorious oils and some delicate floral tea. They sell a range of other products on their website if you are interested, ranging from Body Soufflés to divine sounding Bath Milk. I would definitely recommend visiting their website if you are thinking of treating yourself to a moment of calm….or buying the perfect gift for someone special.


Delicate Romance Balancing Body & Massage Oil*

When I opened the beautifully wrapped magnetic gift box, I was immediately drawn to this stunning glass bottle of body and massage oil. The rose petals invitedmy attention and the beauty of the packaging was perfect. The 100% natural fragrance has spicy floral notes of orange, lemon, rose, geranium, vanilla, patchouli and sandalwood. Divine! The rosehip oil, argon oil and vitamin E in the product help to even out the skin tone and transform dull skin. I’m hoping that I can use it on any scars to reduce the marking. Not only can this product be used as a massage oil, it can also be used for moisturising the skin after the shower on wet skin as a body oil. It can be used on the body and even on the face and hair. I can confirm that my skin feels and smells incredible after using this!

Sweet Lullaby Perfume Oil Deluxe Roll-on*

Now this is my favourite product that I was gifted. Let me tell you why… From someone that suffers from stress and anxiety, scents such as these are a heavenly experience! I LOVE the idea of a roll-on fragrance and you can take it pretty much anywhere with you. If you suffer from anxiety for instance travelling on public transport, you can just whip this out of your handbag and create your own little comforting moment. The lavender notes of this oil are just dreamy and I have been applying it onto my wrists in moments of need or just before bed for a calming sleep. If you are going to try anything from the range I really recommend these roll-on oils! There are also other scents if you prefer more spicy or citrus notes for example. The ingredients list in this oil includes ylang ylang, patchouli, orange, vanilla, and lavender. Did you know that ylang ylang lowers blood pressure and eases anxiety? One idea I love from the “how to apply” section on their website is to roll some oil over the nails to look after your cuticles and protect your freshly polished manicure.

Clementine Calamity Relaxing Tea*

Calming teas are becoming so popular these days and whilst I’m not normally a floral tea drinker, I loved the intense flavour this one gave. It’s not going to be my everyday preference because of my tastes but the tea is so relaxing for stressful moments. It includes adaptogenic herbs, gynostemma and rhodiola, to aid stress. I love the fact that this is a caffeine free tea and the tea bags are biodegradable to support the environment too. Overall, a very uplifting tea and if you love floral notes to your tea you will love this!


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