SourcedBox Review June 2018

The June SourcedBox was full of delicious healthy snacks. I just love subscribing to this monthly box of goodies and I’m never disappointed with what is inside. The best thing about SourcedBox is the fact that you get to try brands that you would not have necessarily been able to get hold of or heard of yourself. I’m constantly discovering new snacks and this is great! All the treats are plant-based so this is perfect for those wanting to eat more mindfully.



We Made | Still Lemonade | Refreshing and zingy!

MightyBee | Bananito Solar Dried Banana Bar Original & Chewy | I’ve tried these before with chocolate coating and they are seriously yummy!

Love Corn | Habanero Roasted Corn | Nice and spicy so packed full of flavour!

N’eat | Cacao, Coconuts & Chia Seeds Fruit Bar | This was so delicious and was so close to my top three! It was really fruity too.

The Primal Pantry | Double Espresso Protein Bar | Definitely what I needed on a tired day and the coffee taste was so good!

Boundless | Orange, Ginger & Maple Activated Nuts & Seeds | This was nice but harder to eat out and about. If the nuts were chunkier I would have loved this as the flavour was great.

Primrose’s Kitchen | Raw Kale & Cacao Muesli | This was so good! I was apprehensive about kale for breakfast but this made my top three!

Bio Style | CultuRaw Vegan Sausage | I wasn’t a fan of the taste or texture of this as I prefer sweeter snacks.

Abakus | Jujube Fruit Stuffed With Walnuts | This was such a simple idea but really clever. I loved it!

Nouri | Coconut And Chia Vegan Truffles | These were melt in the mouth and similar to creamy protein balls.




Primrose’s Kitchen | Raw Kale & Cacao Muesli

Kale in Muesli? I thought so too but when I tried this for my breakfast I couldn’t’ stop eating it. The flavour was actually very sweet and even without knowing the ingredients I would have still preferred this over other shop bought cereals. It really is yummy and both the kale and cacao are so good for you! I really want to try their other breakfast items now!


Abakus | Jujube Fruit Stuffed With Walnuts

The only ingredients in this snack are jujube fruit and walnuts. Jujube fruit is similar to dates because it is sweet and chewy. They are a superfood as they contain antioxidants and phytonutrients, helping with mood, sleep and the immune system. I think the high natural sugar content in jujube is challenged by the positives of the nutritional benefits from this healthy fruit. So, I just love this snack!


We Made | Still Lemonade

Homemade lemonade is always a favourite with me in the summer months. This one is so zingy and tastes so fresh. It has no artificial flavours, additives or preservatives. The drink is sweet from the natural fruit juice, flavourings and Stevia. I would definitely buy this over a big brand of lemonade packed with refined sugars!


This is not sponsored by the way and all my opinions are completely truthful.

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Have you tried SourcedBox?


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