Tips For A Cheaper Month

I LOVE writing blog posts about budgeting and so I thought I would share some tips I have with you if you are trying to have a cheaper month. The summer is a great time of year and yet it contains many events such as weddings, holidays and general socialising. The purse strings just can’t keep up. If you are like me, you will appreciate being in control of your spending without turning down lots of exciting opportunities. I hope you find these tips useful!

Make A Budget

Budgeting is KEY to a happy bank balance. I wrote a blog post a while back all about how I budget and stay on track. I won’t go into it too much now so if you want lots of advice on this topic then feel free to check out the blog post here.


Shop Your Own Pieces

Sometimes when on a budget we have to think how lucky we already are to own all these possessions we collect in our homes. Homeless people don’t have this luxury and taking note of what we actually own is a huge reality check. This could be applied to absolutely anything. You might collect stationery, books, clothes…. Beauty addicts like me will ALL have things in their collection that they have forgotten they owned. Why not try having a little hunt through your home and find some things you haven’t opened or used yet and make a little collection for yourself to look forward to!


Learn How To Sew And Cook

Now sewing is not something I am gifted with but I think it is down to laziness than actual skill. I really want to sit down with my mum at some point to teach me how to sew properly and mend my own clothes. Some simple tailoring skills could be useful and knowledge about making my own cushion covers etc. could be beneficial. I am lucky I can cook quite well and really enjoy it. Getting creative in the kitchen saves money but is also more delicious and nutritious. Why not try and practise these skills and then you can be more self-sufficient?


Get Inventive

Socialising does NOT have to be expensive. Taking a walk with a friend is not only good for you but it is also free and very enjoyable! Try to think of ways you can save money too such as ordering a non-alcoholic drink at a bar – not only can you drive and save money on taxis but you will also not feel lousy the next day. Other ideas could be fishing out deals online such as 2 for 1 cinema vouchers.


Need Or Want

Challenge yourself to really test yourself and not spend any money on things that aren’t necessities for a day and then see how many days you can keep it up for. Think whether it is a want or a need. Obviously, food and general living expenses are needs but the type of food could be lowered slightly through planning etc.


Tell Your Friends And Family About It

If everyone in your circle knows about your budgeting month, they are more likely to support you and actually join in. They will also keep you on track.


Distract Yourself

Distraction is a great solution to a lot of things. Try things like cleaning to make your house nice, reading, doing a puzzle, and anything that involves you not thinking about shopping!


Have A Declutter

Decluttering is not only satisfying but it also makes you realise how much you have! I was absolutely overwhelmed when we moved flats last year at how many boxes we filled! Why not take some stuff to charity and do your bit for other people?


Make A Gratitude List

Gratitude is the best way to appreciate that even though you are on a budget, you are actually pretty lucky. Whether it is something nice that has happened in your day such as someone helping you carry something or being grateful for the people in your life, writing down a list of things actually puts things in perspective.


Have you got any more tips to leave in the comments?


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