My Thoughts On Turning 30

I recently celebrated becoming 30 and whilst I still feel like a teenager it wasn’t as “dramatic” as I’d dreaded it to be. I was really on edge about getting what seemed like to me as old….. However, I really didn’t have to be so worried. And let’s be honest 30 is the new 20 these days! Nothing has changed, I’m still just as silly and young spirited as ever and I’m actually reaching the conclusion that the old cliché “You are as old as you feel” really is true.

Expectations And Pressure

I used to think that by 30 I would have achieved most of my big accomplishments in life such as buying a house, getting married and starting a family. I have done none of those things….but that is OK. Putting pressure on yourself when things just don’t plan out the way you thought is pointless and although age does creep up on people we really have to just learn to live in our own timeframes. Sometimes things just don’t feel right and ready for us. I used to think that my friends around me were more goal achieving than me and feel quite disheartened. A few of my friends now are married and house owners. However, some aren’t and that is OK too. Being happy for those around you and treating your story as separate is far more beneficial.

Feeling Too Old

I used to think when I reached 30 I would be “too old for blogging” and be cut off from the community. This is actually laughable as I follow quite a few bloggers and age really doesn’t come into it. Some could be 25 and others 35 but they still have qualities I aspire to. I also think you are as old as you feel and just because I am 30 doesn’t mean I have to take life with a more sensible stance. Obviously, I like to be sensible in life but I also like to act with a childish quality such as silly dancing at home to “Saturday Night” by Whigfield.

Not Appreciating Your Achievements

Yes, I am probably think most days that I haven’t achieved enough for my years and for instance my career is not at the peak of success in the eyes of an outsider. Conversely, I actually HAVE achieved a great deal. Even though I have changed career paths I have achieved this. I have also started a blog and I have a great violin teaching job. I may not be earning enough at the moment but I have a great life in so many other ways.


What are your thoughts on age bracketing?




  1. 30th July 2018 / 11:37 pm

    I enjoyed reading this! It’s too true, societal pressures make us all worry in some way I’m sure that we’re not where we’re supposed to be. Sounds like you’re on the right path all the way! Congrats on 30! 🙂

    • sophlaetitia
      1st August 2018 / 3:06 pm

      Thank you! So glad you enjoyed reading the post! I’m beginning to realise now that the age is a number and the place you are at in life is so unique to everyone. I’m just living life my way and the way it comes!

  2. Batmom85
    31st July 2018 / 12:02 am

    Happy Birthday welcome to 30. I’m 33, when I turned 30 I was excited! I finally felt more self assured and just confident. I also had like a reality check where I was like “whoa I’m grown now.. I can’t just act out” so 30 really made me be accountable of my adult life and really relish in being a mature woman. I love my 30’s, I’m 30 flirty and fabulous honey yesssss! Get post I love your style of photography!

    • sophlaetitia
      1st August 2018 / 3:05 pm

      Thank you so much! I completely get what you mean about having a reality check and enjoying 30’s rather than dreading them! I feel like I’m starting to feel more confident in who I am now and less scared about life! Thanks re. photos, it’s so lovely to hear about photography and editing as that is something I am trying to work on!

  3. 14th August 2018 / 3:51 pm

    OMG, “Saturday Night” by Whigfield! That is a classic. I used to listen to the Japanese version over and over because it is so cute.

    I am going to be 30 next year and I used to think when I was a kid that life was ending by that point (as my family has some heredity diseases). I am stressed out now because I want to change careers before I hit the big 3-0 as I don’t want to deemed too old for employers.

  4. sophlaetitia
    15th August 2018 / 5:30 pm

    It’s SUCH a good song! The Japanese version sounds fun too! I can see how you can be stressed as 30 is a significant age. I was really stressed out too! I really think though that 30 is becoming the new 20 as in the past generations were just more settled in terms of jobs and marriage etc. I think the world is changing and I’m slowly accepting that what I haven’t achieved doesn’t make me less of a person. I always compare myself to my friends that have achieved more but I have lots of things to be happy about so life is all about your own journey and in your own time.

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