Living The Little Things

Life is constantly becoming even busier these days. More and more people are working harder, socialising more and generally filling up their diaries to the max. Life has become more complicated and extravagant. Self-comparison and keeping up with others is what is built into our mindset these days. This can lead to stress and sometimes threaten self-worth. It doesn’t have to be like this! Learning to live the little things in life can be just what we need to find that balance.

Why not strip back the gloss and find those small positives in life? Living a simpler life helps us to be more mindful of the things that really matter. The people and life’s warmest moments…. Whether you take a moment to enjoy that first sip of tea, read a book without any technology on, go for a walk…. Life can seem more meaningful and enjoyable. I’ve written a list below of some ideas of simple happy and gratitude moments. Feel free to add more in the comments!

Mindful Moments

Playing an instrument

Reading a book or magazine

First sip of tea (or coffee) in the morning

Your favourite comfort meal for dinner

Fluffy socks

A hug from someone who cares

Sharing a chat with someone you care about

Walking outside

Being able to walk

Being able to complete daily tasks such as getting dressed

Baking something from scratch



Doing something for another person


I hope this little reminder of gratitude helped brighten your day! Do you agree with being more mindful in life?


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