SourcedBox Review July 2018

July has been another hot month in the UK and this SourcedBox edition has been just as colourful! SourcedBox is a healthy snack subscription box and I just love discovering new snacks to munch on that are actually better for me than a lot of things sold in the supermarkets. I love how I get to try things that I would not necessarily have heard of or thought about trying before. All the treats are plant-based which is great as it is becoming healthier to eat more this way in the modern world.



Dash Water | British Sparkling Spring Water Infused With Squashed Raspberries | Refreshing summer drink with an ingenious use of squashed raspberries.

Pip & Nut | Peanut Butter Squeeze Pack | Easy on-the-go peanut butter energy snack made with only peanuts and sea salt. It tastes amazing too and is silky smooth.

Wild Trail | Apple Fruit & Nut Bar | Lovely ingredients, tasty and not packed with refined sugar!

Raw Gorilla | Lemon & Chia Munchies | Cute little nibbles and 100% natural ingredients.

Neat’s | Sea Salt Rice Crackers | A tasty low in sugar snack!

Emily Veg Crisps | Sweet Potato Sticks With Chilli And Lime | These taste amazing and are so crunchy!

Aduna | Choc-Orange Burst Superfood Energy Bar | Chocolate and orange are a marriage made in heaven.

Verival | Crunchy Blueberries And Apple Granola | Super yummy and full of flavour.

Raw & Wild | Activated Pili Nuts – Turmeric & Ginger | Turmeric and ginger is becoming my new favourite healthy combination!

Real Handful | Strawberry Stomp Fruit, Nut & Seed Mix | A great trail mix to tuck into as a yummy afternoon snack.




Emily Veg Crisps | Sweet Potato Sticks With Chilli And Lime

The texture of these reminds me of Walkers French Fries Crisps… but I prefer these! They are not only one of your five a day, but the crisps are so light and moreish. The chilli and lime make these really sing.


Verival | Crunchy Blueberries And Apple Granola

This granola is from the Austrian Alps and is 100% organic. It’s made with free-dried blueberries and diced apple to bring that sweet flavour. The oven baked nature of the granola adds a great crunch that some granolas lack one they hit the bowl. I love the clusters in this.


Raw & Wild | Activated Pili Nuts – Turmeric & Ginger

These are incredible! Turmeric and ginger are proven to be extremely good for you including claims such as easing inflammation and links to possible decreased cancer risks. Both are things we should be eating more of and these are delicious so why not? The pili nuts themselves are so creamy and yummy. This snack also has zero sugar which is incredible!


This is not a sponsored blog post and all my opinions are completely truthful.

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Have you tried SourcedBox?

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