TISKA London… Nordic Fashion

When Kimberley Stacey approached me about supporting her brand TISKA London, I was intrigued to find out more about the fashion line. This Nordic inspired brand has something unique, mystical and high end to offer. The simplistic beauty of the lines is what make this brand stand out and capture the imagination.

Fashion is a great way of expressing and empowering ourselves and we can feel a completely different person by the way we dress. Embodying a message of strong women is what lies within the story of these clothes. Each collection is based on a saga and the whole story tale aspect of this is really intriguing. Portraying a message through clothes is a great way of expressing female success and what’s more is the clothes are stunning.


Let’s take a look at the Lilya Saga….

The Icelandic woman Lilya dreams of escaping to Northern Sweden for a more idyllic life. The mystical scene captures her heart and her outlook on life is rejuvenated and inspired. Mystery and Artic energy drive her Nordic memory.



I love the clean and editorial feel to the brand. The neutral colour palette fits in with a timeless fashion approach and the clothes are more luxury and high-end. One of my favourite items from the Lilya Saga is the beautiful made to order NÝTT SCARF. The lambswool material looks so cosy and dreamy to wear. I also adore the SKADI COAT. This is a high-end price point collection and although expensive and not a realistic price point for the everyday woman, empowering the message from each saga sounds incredibly dreamy. Just investing in one piece from the line would be whimsical.


I’ve included some photos that I adore from the collection above. What are your favourite pieces? What are your thoughts on the brand?


This is not a sponsored blog post. All opinions are my own.


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