What’s In My Bag

I love reading blog posts on what is in someone’s bag. We all love to know how each other live and if you are inquisitive like me then you will love this post. My current bag is from Aldo and I bought this about 6 months ago. It is sadly not online anymore but here is a similar one if you were after a bag like this. I love the fact that this bag has two small handles and also a long strap that you can wear across the body. It also has an outside pocket which is useful for keys and an oyster card. There is also a zip and inside the bag a further inside zipped section for small items. It is quite a spacious bag without being too big and the frame is quite robust, so it stands up well on a surface.

So what do I have in my bag?



Antibacterial hand wipes and hand gel – you never know when you might need it in London!

Card holder – sometimes I just take this with one card in to save space and weight

Small purse with more cards and a small amount of cash

Oyster card in its travel holder

Zipped up pouch that I put my phone in. Sometimes I also put in a lipstick and hand cream for instant access.

Reusable bag for shopping (mine is from Paperchase)

Portable phone charger in case of emergencies

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! What do you have in your bag? Is this similar or different to you?

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