RECIPE Strawberry ‘Nice’ Cream

Everyone loves ice cream…. but how about a healthier yet equally yummy alternative? I never thought frozen bananas could create such wonderful things, but I often cut my ripe bananas up and freeze them in containers in the freezer. I use them for ‘nice’ cream or acai bowls. You can also create shakes from the too! This ‘nice’ cream is so simple and uses only 3 ingredients. You really have to try this recipe and once you have you will be craving it all the time! You can try different flavours from just vanilla to chocolate if you like too!


  • Blend together the bananas, vanilla essence and strawberries in a food processor until just coming together. Don’t overmix as the mixture will be too runny. You can always add the strawberries in later if you prefer a bit more texture.
  • Divide between 2 bowls and tuck in!

Have you tried ‘nice’ cream before?



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