August 2018 Favourites

August has been a great month of discovering new beauty products for me, and also some food items as usual too! I love featuring a mix of products in my favourites blogs as it demonstrates what I have been enjoying across lots of dimensions. I really love the items mentioned below and hopefully this gives you some inspiration if you are in a bit of a rut with products at the moment.



Papaya And Lime For Dessert

Fruit for dessert is so refreshing and when I discovered fresh papaya and lime as a great flavour combination I was very happy! The sour lime works perfectly with the sweet papaya and it is so refreshing!

Biona Organic Spelt Penne

I love the nutty taste of wholegrain pasta and when I tried this spelt pasta it tasted so good. Sometimes white pasta can be a bit boring and this one is so tasty, healthier and much more interesting!

Rebel Kitchen Dairy Free Mylk

I recently tried a whole week of vegan food. One thing I thought I would miss was milk. However, when I tried this alternative with my tea I was so impressed! It is the closest thing I’ve found to making a proper cuppa the vegan way. It’s definitely shown to me that animal products don’t always have to be used to still enjoy a good cup of tea!



YSL Eyeshadow

I had forgotten I owned this cute individual eyeshadow and when I went away recently I took this with me to save space in my luggage. It contains a mini brush and so this was perfect for travel. The brush was actually pretty good as some can be a bit hit and miss. The colour payoff on YSL eyeshadows are amazing and I just love this eye shadow.

Doucce Maxlash Volumizer Mascara

I got given this mascara recently and was instantly impressed. It doesn’t clump or leave smudges and it is just really volumising.

BareMinerals Blusher In Aphrodisiac

Another good travel makeup item I’ve been using is this blusher by BareMinerals. It has a handy brush, which is great for travel and the colour is a beautiful coral which is so complimentary for blue eyes and fair skin tones like mine.

Benefit BOWVO! Conditioning Primer

Another product I hadn’t used much in my collection, but I’ve been loving using it again recently. This brow conditioner is so soothing in the summer and just combes through and neatens out the eye brows. It also helps with keep the brows well nourished.

Dr Botanicals Moroccan Rose Superfood Facial Oil

I got given this product from my boyfriend’s mum to try and I was so impressed. The oil feels so lovely on the skin and just sinks in so well. I love the rose in it, as that is great for sensitive skin like mine. Rose also helps reduce scarring and I noticed it helped to even my skin tone on my face whilst using it.

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser

I have been using this tinted moisturiser for a while now, but it never ceases to get boring to me. I just love the dewy finish it gives, and it provides such a light coverage to the skin that is perfect for summer months.



The Happy Pear | Recipes For Happiness

I got this cookbook for my birthday and it is just so good! The recipes are so approachable and there are so many yummy and healthy treats in there. The recipes are vegan, but they are just amazing and tasty! I love how quick some of the recipes are, especially on days you don’t have 2 hours to make a healthy meal during the week!

I hope you enjoyed my favourites! What are your favourites this month?

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