SourcedBox Review August 2018

August has been a lovely month full of busy days but also relaxation. I love this time of year when people are enjoying summer yet also looking forward to the Autumn months. Again, this month brought a tasty SourcedBox. I really liked the items featured this month, including a few stand outs above the rest. It is always hard to narrow down my top three items, but I’ve detailed them for you below. I hope you enjoy my blog! SourcedBox is such a great way to discover healthier snacking!



Tenzing | Natural Energy Drink | A great afternoon pick me up containing green tea and coffee.

Naturya | Organic Berry Superbar | This was nice and filling. I’m not a massive seed and hemp fan though so I probably wouldn’t buy these again. The berry was lovely though!

Clearly Scrumptious | Apple Scrummies | I LOVE the name of these and the taste is so good too!

Peakz | Crunchy Chocolate Squares | Mmmm, this brand can do no wrong! I’ve tried their chocolate squares before and they are just so yummy! They also contain vitamin B12!

The Great Stuff Company | Salty Chive & Onion Popcorn | The perfect savoury snack and not too strong so they aren’t overpowering!

Joe’s Tea Co. | Queen Of Green & Feisty Turmeric Guru Tea | I’m really into different teas at the moment and these cute little boxes tasted as good as they looked!

Brave | Paprika & Chilli Roasted Peas | Another savoury snack sorted! I loved paprika and these were perfect for nibbling as an afternoon snack.

The Protein Ball Co. | Raspberry Brownie Balls | These were seriously good!

Kinomi | Baribari Barus Nuts | This is why I love SourcedBox… discovering something I had never heard of that is amazing!

Pure Bite | Coconut & Strawberry Clusters | Slightly chewy but apart from that the flavour was so yummy!




Joe’s Tea Co. | Queen Of Green & Feisty Turmeric Guru Tea

I’m always looking for more tea choices that are better for me and these were just so perfect! Lots of flavour and really luxurious to drink! Hopefully soon they will sell they these in supermarkets as they are lovely teas.


Brave | Paprika & Chilli Roasted Peas

Savoury snacks are always good to have in the cupboard and these ones by Brave are just so yummy. I’ll definitely be buying these again if I’m on the hunt for a savoury snack.


Kinomi | Baribari Barus Nuts

These nuts were delicious! They also had a yummy soya glaze and cumin, coriander, chilli and lime coating. These were another yummy savoury snack!



This is not a sponsored blog post and all my opinions are completely truthful.

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