Podcasts To Recommend

Podcasts have become so popular recently and I can definitely understand why! I love to listen to them when I am cleaning or cooking as I don’t have to watch it and pay as much attention as a TV programme. It also makes things like cleaning go so quickly and I actually look forward to doing chores because of this! I thought I would let you know which podcasts I have been enjoying lately and ones to recommend if you are looking for something great to listen too! You can find these all on iTunes using the search facility!

The Food Medic

The Food Medic podcast is hosted by Hazel Wallace. She is a doctor, blogger and personal trainer. She has also brought out cookbooks and you can really trust her opinion! The podcast features healthy topics such as food and lifestyle choices. It’s really interesting and she has reliable guests featured than you can be confident in. So many people advertise healthy claims without it being scientifically accurate, so I love this podcast for the opposite reason!


Talking Tastebuds

There are a few series online of this podcast run by Venetia Falconer. This is by far my favourite podcast to listen to as Venetia is so likeable and a brilliant presenter. The podcast is all about food from plant-based diets to issues on mental health associated with unhealthy eating. I just love how interesting all her guests are. I have discovered new foodie people to follow because of this podcast and I just love her interview technique.

The Health Code

I’ve been following Sarah’s Day on YouTube for a while now and Sarah and her boyfriend Kurt host this podcast. They talk about health, fitness, food, relationships and lifestyle. Their enthusiasm is contagious and their whole approach is fun, informative and uplifting. I really love this podcast! You should also check out her YouTube channel as it is so good. She is Australian and creates so many yummy recipes and fitness demonstrations.


Happy Place

Happy Place is a podcast by Ferne Cotton. It is a really positive podcast and features so many topics from anxiety to depression. It is lovely how she incorporates so many inspiring guests on and it feels like you are having a cup of tea with her when you listen to this!

I hope you enjoyed my podcasts! Have you listened to any of these? What podcasts have you been enjoying lately?


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