Three Vegan Cookbooks

Plant-based food is becoming more popular these days and I love experimenting with different foods. I’ve been really into eating vegan dishes lately and cooking them has been even more fun. thought I would share with you three of my favourite vegan cookbooks at the moment, in case you wanted any to be recommended. Whether you eat the occasional vegan dish, are looking to increase your veggie options or just prefer to be more environmentally friendly, this blog post is for you!

Eat Smart | Niomi Smart

This was the first plant-based cookbook I owned and what I love about it is that the recipes are really nourishing, inventive and taste amazing! I recently made the vegan carrot cake recipe and it tasted just like normal cake – amazing! This book is so beautiful, and the pages are full of trendy photography. Niomi Smart is one of my favourite YouTubers and she is well known for her “What I Eat In A Day” videos. I love how her food always looks so healthy yet pretty to eat. The recipes actually work in this book and unlike some cookbooks, you can always rely on this book for flavour and food that will make you smile.

Feed Me Vegan | Lucy Watson

Some people might be a little hesitant of this book because Lucy Watson was brought to fame for Made In Chelsea. However, this is actually a really good book! Lucy’s dad is successful in the food industry and her passion for food shows in the book. She really knows her stuff. Her recipes are so comforting and although some aren’t as healthy as the Niomi Smart book, they are super delicious. I really want to make the vegan doughnuts from this book as I am yet to try that recipe. The book is full of inventive recipes from savoury to sweet. There’s lots of classics like Mac ‘N’ Cheese and Pizza but entirely vegan. It just proves you can cook amazing food without using animal products!

The Happy Pear Recipes For Happiness | David & Stephen Flynn

I heard about these Irish twins from a podcast and really wanted to check out their cookbook. They own a healthy café in Ireland and cook the most amazing food there. After making a few things from this cookbook, I’m really impressed. Not only are a lot of the recipes really simple, they are packed with flavour. One of my favourite recipes is the ‘tuna salad’ which I have served in rolls for lunch and also on a jacket potato for dinner. It contains jackfruit, spring onion, vegan mayonnaise and red onion. The Double Choc Brownie Cake also looks amazing. It is amazing to see what food can be made with such inventive ingredients and methods.

As I’ve said before, I do not live on a 100% plant-based diet, but I just love to incorporate this type of food into my diet wherever possible. It just makes me feel more energised and excited about what I am eating. Have you tried many plant-based recipes before?


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