No Makeup Days

Wearing makeup is a great thing – it can make you feel more confident, give you some extra identity and make you feel more put together. However, appreciating that we don’t need to wear it every single day is a great thing! Until recently I would wear at least a base of foundation or tinted moisturiser on my face every day and felt embarrassed to leave the house without it. I’ve actually come to learn over the last year that I don’t actually need to wear it Monday to Sunday….

Embrace Your Skin

By not wearing as much makeup my skin has actually been in better condition. I still get blemishes like everyone else but not clogging up my pores every day has actually allowed it to breathe. My skin also feels less claustrophobic under a coat of foundation. I mostly wear tinted moisturiser (when I wear makeup) and my skin much prefers this. It’s also nice to have a more natural look some days as some makeup can be OTT for daytime.

Save Time

Makeup takes time and by not applying it you can save time in your morning routine. If I’m rushing in the mornings, my makeup is always my last priority.

If In Doubt Focus On Your Outfit And Accessories

If you still feel self-conscious, dress up your outfit by wearing some accessories that elevate your look. Wear something that makes you feel really confident and comfortable.


Have you tried going makeup free for a day?


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