SourcedBox Review September 2018

Another month means another SourcedBox! I get so happy when it arrives. SourcedBox is a subscription service that I can rely on to be inventive, exciting and contain delicious contents every single time! It’s a box of healthy plant-based snacks essentially and each month I’m introduced to new products that have not necessarily become readily available yet. It’s like SourcedBox are your personal snack assistant that they just know what is up and coming and finds it for you like magic! Tempted? See what was in the September box below…



LoveRaw | Cold Brew Caffé Latte | Made with almond milk and so deliciously smooth!

Goodio | ChocOat Original Blond Chocolate | Rich, smooth, creamy, raw – delicious!

Mindful Bites | Crunchy Bites Filled With Nut Butter – Cashew & Baobab | Crispy with a hidden nut butter treat!

Mello | Watermelon Seeds Mild Chilli Roasted | Nice and flavoured for a tasty savoury snack.

Jacked | Dried Jackfruit | This stuff is insane! Tastes just like dried mango.

Real Handful | Blackcurrant Blast | The perfect trail mix – like healthy sweets!

The Food Doctor | Beetroot & Cacao Goodness Bar | Beetroot and cacao work so well together to create this sweet and yummy bar.

The Beginnings | Turmeric Protein Bar | I really wanted to like this as turmeric is SO good for you but I found it a little dry, sorry!

The Food Doctor | Popped Crisp Thins Sundried Tomato & Herbs | So much healthier and tastier than crisps!

Love Corn | Sea Salt Roasted Corn Snack | Such a yummy savoury snack that’s fun to eat.




Jacked | Dried Jackfruit

Jackfruit is a new revelation to me and anything that contains it I get excited by. If you haven’t tried it, you really should. It reminds me of a cross between artichokes and pineapple and can lend itself to savoury and sweet cooking. This dried jackfruit is delicious and similar to that of dried mango. The way they have captured this sweet flavour and chewy texture is amazing.


Mindful Bites | Crunchy Bites Filled With Nut Butter – Cashew & Baobab

These filled crispy bites are inspired by mindful eating – “one bite at a time”. This clever concept helps us enjoy our food without overindulging. If all food was as delicious as this, we would be satisfied after every mouthful!


Goodio | ChocOat Original Blond Chocolate

I do love a good dark chocolate. This is called a “blond” chocolate but it still has the richness of dark chocolate, and extra creaminess from the oats. It really does work! I could eat this every day and they do other flavours so….


This is not a sponsored blog post and all my opinions are completely truthful.

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Have you tried SourcedBox?

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