How To Put An Outfit Together

Putting an outfit together can be so fun. Choosing something that makes you feel amazing in can improve your confidence and even make you feel more productive during the day. How do we decide what to pair with what though? And when is it too much? These are things that take practise and adding accessories can also add an element of personal style.

Find Your Personal Style

I like to think I have a certain “style” of clothes that I wear. I am by no means that adventurous when it comes to fashion, but I do love wearing things that make me feel good. Elegance and simplicity are key to my personal style. Finding clothes that you feel reflect your personality is key.


Know Your Body Shape

Knowing your body shape and playing towards your strengths not only helps you find clothes that fit you well, it also accentuates your good points. I know that baggy clothes don’t really flatter me. They make me look bigger than I actually am and draw attention to the hip area, leaving my waist to get swallowed up. I am also quite tall, so I avoid clothes geared towards more petite figures as it is just not something I can pull off. I also avoid clothes for a straight body type and try to buy skinny trousers for example.

Don’t Over Complicate Your Outfit

This is personal choice, but I prefer not to make my outfit too busy. If I have a patterned outfit, I stick to classic accessories and vice versa. I often use neutral colours such as black and white to mix with patterned skirts / dresses / tops. I never like to wear two patterns in the same outfit. Some people can pull this off however so if you are one of those people then definitely take advantage of your styling talents.


Work To Your Colour Scheme

It can be really tempting to wear something because it looks cute on its own but pairing a bright orange bag with an all olive-green outfit just wouldn’t go in my opinion. My favourite colours to wear are navy and black and so I tend to stick to accessories that will either bring out those colours or I keep it rose gold / silver themed. I try to match my bag and shoes to my jewellery but never go matchy matchy. I guess complimenting is the key word here without trying too hard. Every nod to the theme has to be subtle, in my opinion.

Prepare To Adapt

There are some clothes that I used to wear, that I just wouldn’t wear now because of changes in body shape and also personal style. My style has adapted over the years, but it has never drastically changed. We can all assume that we will look the same in a similar style dress we wore 15 years ago but this is extremely unlikely!


Never Wear Something Because It Is Fashionable

I love trends and admiring other people’s style. However, some things that look AMAZING on other people just do not suit me. Rather than buying the item and then being disappointed by the outcome I think “Good for them” and find something I like.

What are your tips for finding an outfit that suits you?


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