October Goals

Inspired by the lovely blogger Natalie Leanne I decided to feature a blog on my October Goals. One day after a walk I felt so inspired by different ideas in my head and some of these included goals to aim for. I know we are already into October, but these are the things I’ve been striving for this month (and will continue to do). I definitely have a long list of aims and I might save some until November. Let me know in the comments below if you would like another blog on this?

Lunchtime Walks

Working from home or driving to teaching means I’m not moving around enough. I do try to get outside for walks, but I really want to force myself to get outside at lunch on days I’m working at home. I think it will be good for exercise but also it will help to boost my mood levels.


Spend Less

This month is expensive because of things like birthday presents and car insurance. I’ve been trying to budget even less this month, so I can afford my hair cut! That means raiding my beauty stash and actually using up what I have! It’s amazing what we don’t need!


Keep up with my Pilates

I do a weekly Pilates class at a yoga studio but I also want to try doing the odd routine at home, maybe using a YouTube video like one by Lottie Murphy or Sarah’s Day.

Relax More

Autumn and Winter are times when my stress and anxiety are worse. I really want to incorporate more time to help focus on controlling my stress levels. I still have lower back pain / leg pain (which they think is linked to stress). Teaching kids can be full on and I need to find ways of managing my anxiety and not tensing my muscles more as it is so debilitating. I’ve just accepted the daily pain now but it’s something I want to reduce. I’m only 30 but some days I feel like a 90-year-old.


Walk Slower

I never realised how much I rushed around until the other day I walked just a touch slower and it felt so much nicer. I didn’t feel stressed out and caught up in the London rush. Sometimes we need to slow down and think “do we really need to rush everywhere?”.


Find More Savoury Snacks

I love to snack, but I tend to prefer sweet things. Even though I go for the healthy options like fruit, they are still bad for my teeth and I want to find more healthy savoury snacks. Any recommendations?


Shop Online Less

By actually going into shops, I want to enjoy and appreciate shopping more. It’s more fun, you get a greater mindfulness about whether you actually need the item. It puts things in perspective and stops you over buying. It’s also good to have a browse and discover new things.

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