Blogmas Day 3… Sustainable Stocking Fillers

You may have already seen my general “Stocking Filler Ideas” blog post but I also wanted to create a SUSTAINABLE ideas one. With so much damage being done to our planet through use of plastic, fast fashion and other contributing factors, we need to take action and really change the way we live. If we could all do a little to reduce our plastic use and also think more about how to live in a eco-friendlier way, that would help dramatically. I’ve got a long way to go with sustainable choices in my life and I think it’s important to remember even if we can do something small, it is still better than tackling the whole problem ourselves. It can get quite overwhelming otherwise! It’s important not to be too hard on ourselves whilst gradually adding new things each week we can do. These stocking filler ideas are so great for helping people come up with more eco-friendly ideas to live. I really enjoyed creating this blog post and I hope you like it!

Reusable Makeup Removal Pads

These bamboo makeup removal pads can be washed after use and used for many a makeup removal session! It is SO much more eco-friendly than using cotton pads that end up on landfill. They are also really great quality and come in a useful washing bag that is great for slipping used pads into when off on your travels. Such a genius idea.

Reusable Shopping Bag

Carrying a reusable shopping bag out and about is so useful and I really recommend the Paperchase ones as they come with a clever bag to keep them in. They can also be washed which is great too.

Patch Bamboo Aloe Vera Plasters

Plasters are often made with one use plastic and yet these bamboo plasters biodegrade. The packaging is also really cute, and I love the fact that they contain aloe vera which has great healing properties.

Keep Cup Reusable Coffee Cup

If the person who you are giving this too loves coffee, they will make great use of this. Keep Cup is one of the best brands for reusable coffee cups in my opinion. The seal of the cup is great, and you can also even buy a replacement part on their website if you damage or lose a part. This is a genius idea as I often have to dispose of items that have broken just because of one part that has broken which is so wasteful. This cup is also dishwasher safe which is dreamy!

Bamboo Toothbrush

This is such a great stocking filler as everyone needs a toothbrush! For people that prefer a manual toothbrush, this bamboo one is sleek and sophisticated. The bamboo Handle is biodegradable, and the nylon bristles can be easily removed placing them in the bin or recycling upon disposal.  The bamboo handle is also naturally antibacterial which is fantastic! The packaging is really clever for this too as each toothbrush is snuggled in tissue paper inside a recyclable cardboard box. Delivery from The Kind Store (where I purchased this item) is also carbon neutral to reduce environmental damage.

Korres Chamomile Soap

So many hand soaps use one use only pumps. Buying a bar of soap is a more sustainable way of washing your hands. This luxury bar by Korres is so gentle and comforting on the hands and smells heavenly.

Snact Apple & Raspberry Fruit Jerky

Who remembers fruit roll-ups? Well, this is the healthier version AND it is such a great eco-friendly product too. It tastes amazing and is made using natural ingredients. Snact are an amazing brand who use biodegradable packaging for their goods. They also make their snacks out of fruit that would have otherwise gone to waste. You can read more about them here and watch their hilarious video.

Teapigs Biodegradable Everyday Brew Tea Temples

Teapigs is a really great brand for tea lovers. This is a lovely stocking filler as it is a little more special than the average tea bag. These “tea temples” are plastic free and biodegradable. The taste of this tea is amazing too!

Biodegradable Cotton Swabs

So many cotton buds end up on landfill every day! These biodegradable ones are perfect for reducing waste on our planet. They are great for anyone as a stocking filler and the packaging is really cute!

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