Blogmas day 9… Mini Flying Tiger Christmas Decorations Haul

I do love some cute Christmas decorations and when I went into Flying Tiger recently, I was excited to see lots of affordable options. We have a few festive pieces from last year, but I think it’s a great idea every year to add something small to the mix. Flying Tiger have a range of adorable items at the moment so I picked up a few…

Festive Wreath

This was only £4, and I thought it would make the perfect centrepiece around a candle, bowl of chocolates, or festive potpourri. It is so lovely and a very affordable option. You could put it on your front door if you don’t live in rented accommodation too!

Mini Wreaths

These mini wreaths were £1 each and were an absolute steal at that price. I am going to put mine around candle holders. They are just so perfect!

Mini Festive People Baubles

Who doesn’t like a cute bauble to decorate their tree? I saw these and instantly thought of me and Owen. I think they look like us ha-ha! They will make adorable little editions to our decoration collection. They were only £1 each and an absolute bargain!

Festive Jar

I wanted to purchase something to put some battery-operated lights in and this seemed perfect. It was £3, and I think it will look really beautiful with magical lights inside!

That is it for my mini haul. I hope you enjoyed it and although I only spent £11 in total, I thought it was money well spent!


What is your favourite item?


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