Bill’s Vegan Menu…

Bill’s is one of my favourite restaurants to go to. There are quite a few Bill’s Restaurants in London but they are also dotted around the UK too! Their food is rustic but tasty. It reminds me of a really cosy pub but in restaurant form. The staff are always so lovely, and I just feel like it is one of my comfort places to eat at. You can never go wrong with Bill’s. I had heard that they had brought out a few new dishes to celebrate Veganuary and I couldn’t wait to try some. Me and my boyfriend went there on a date and ordered a mixture of vegetarian and vegan options to munch on during the evening….

What We Ordered…

Vegan ‘Duck’ Salad Starter

Macaroni Cheese

Butternut Squash, Turmeric and Coconut Stew

Chocolate Brownie

Red Wine


The Food

The vegan ‘duck’ salad was one of the BEST things I’ve eaten in a while (regardless of it being vegan). I think it actually tasted better than duck as the texture was so soft and delicious. The flavour they packed into it was insane – one thing Bill’s do brilliantly. It had all the vibes of a hoisin wrap filler…. so yummy! The ‘duck’ is made of seitan – a high in protein meat alternative. I really want to try and make this at home.

Macaroni cheese is always yummy but the one at Bill’s is just the best I’ve tried out. They get the sauce so cheesy and gooey. It is served with crispy onions on top and a side of toasted focaccia and salad…yummy!

Another great vegan option we shared there was the butternut squash, turmeric and coconut stew. It was packed with goodness and made me feel energised and satisfied. Another really tasty option.

You can’t go wrong with a chocolate brownie. Bill’s do desserts particularly well too! It was soft, gooey and chocolatey! All the things you need from a great brownie!

My Verdict

Bill’s vegan menu is amazing! I really want to go back and try their other options such as the dahl, black bean chilli, and the Moving Mountains burger! Bill’s have managed to create some extremely yummy dishes and they also have lots of vegetarian options too. As I don’t enjoy eating meat as much, this is perfect, and I really feel spoilt for choice for lots of yummy options there.

Facts about Bill’s…

Did you know that Bill’s don’t use plastic straws? They automatically do not serve straws but if you really want one, they will offer you a biodegradable option.


Their takeaway coffee cups are 100% biodegradable!


They try to recycle, save paper and reduce energy as much as possible.


There are lots of reduced sugar drink options.


They support the app “refill, refill” which allows you to find local businesses to refill your water bottle – genius!


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