January 2019 Favourites

Let’s face it, January is a dreary month. I don’t normally mind January too much, but I’ve struggled a little if I am being honest. I think it was just a shock to the system after enjoying everything that was December (including Blogmas which I loved doing). However, what better way to cheer us up than a favourites blog! I love telling you what I have been loving and I also really enjoy reading other bloggers’ favourites blog posts. So, let’s find out what I’ve loved this month…



Huel Vanilla Flavour

This meal replacement is actually pretty tasty. I don’t really have time to eat a lunch on Fridays now and so drinking a meal is just easier for me. I didn’t want to get a slimming and not nutritious shake though and that’s why these are so perfect. My boyfriend found out about the brand from his work colleagues and I’m so grateful as it means I am fully energised for my violin teaching. Each bottle contains a balance of nutrients and is around 400 calories so nice and filling (which is what I need). The drink is high in protein and fibre and it is also low in sugar. You can add flavour boosts to it also, but I enjoy the vanilla one on it’s own. One thing I would say is I hate the fact it is in a plastic bottle. You can buy the powder version though so I might do that and mix it in my reusable bottle.

Peppersmith Sugar Free Extra Strong Mints

I stopped using mouthwash (as recommended by my dentist). My dentist basically said that it might have caused the staining on my teeth…. I know right? I think he is actually right as the staining is not really there anymore! Apparently, a lot of mouthwashes out there actually stain your teeth and they also wash away the goodness of the toothpaste. Yes, they do contain fluoride, but my dentist said that my toothpaste alone should be sufficient. I therefore use these mints to freshen my breath after eating things like fish. They are so good and actually contain the plant-based sweetener xylitol. Xylitol fights against bacteria and so helps to keep your teeth neutralised against acid. Genius! They are also powerful mints and I love the cardboard packaging.

Pip & Nut Chocolate Orange Almond Butter

I may have mentioned this before, but I thought it was worth another mention because it is just so incredible! I actually prefer it to regular refined sugar versions of chocolate spread. It is just so runny too which is great for pancakes and topping acai bowls with! It is made from natural ingredients so you can enjoy it even more too.

Hotel Chocolat Hot Chocolate In Salted Caramel Flavour

A naughty treat but definitely nice! This hot chocolate powder is silky and creamy! It is the closest to their insanely yummy hot chocolates in their cafes in London that I can make in my own home!

Booja Booja Dairy Free Gormet Truffles Selection

Me and Owen received these for Christmas and oh my they are delicious! I just love how creamy they are whilst still being plant based! They are so gooey and soft. There aren’t too many outrageous flavours in the box too so they make a perfect gift… or naughty treat purchase.

M&S Plant Kitchen Range

Finally, M&S comes up with a breathtakingly tasty vegan range. I’d seen adverts for their innovative cauliflower popcorn bites and their jackfruit pizza. I couldn’t wait to try it. I can confirm that their range is delicious. It is so different and I’m so happy to see them being more inventive with their vegan options. M&S are always one of my favourite places for a cheat “ready meal” and it’s also great to see a lot of the meals are for one person. This makes it great for mixing and matching or having a meal date for one in style!



Stila Eyeshadow Pencil

This eyeliner pencil is so creamy, and it is also waterproof. I love the brown shade and it gives my eyes a little more definition and a “pop”. I would highly recommend as it is also so easy to apply without getting it all over your face!

Stila Liquid Lipstick

I love Stila as a brand and this liquid lipstick has been a great one to try in January. The colour is such a lovely soft mauve pink and it just lasts so well! I wouldn’t recommend drinking red wine with it but otherwise it is a winner!

PUR Primer

I love PUR primers and this one just feels so silky to apply. It feels like I am applying a soft shield over my face and I notice my foundation stays better when I use this. This product is also paraben free and suitable for vegans.

Korres Jasmine Shower Gel

Natural shower gels are my favourite and when I received this Jasmine Korres product for Christmas, I couldn’t wait to try it. I have tried Korres shower products before and loved how well they lather up considering they don’t contain sulphates. The smell of the jasmine is heavenly in this. I would definitely recommend.

Autograph Nail Polishes

I’ve got back into painting my nails (well at least when I have more time like on half terms). One of my favourite formulas include the Autograph range from Marks & Spencer. It just glides on and lasts really well. I cook a lot and play violin but there is very little chipping with this nail polish. I recommend using a clear top coat for making your polish last even longer too.

What have been your favourites this month? Have you tried any of these products?


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