February 2019 Goals

Monthly goals are so much more attainable for me than yearly ones and that’s why I’ve decided to showcase some of my current monthly goals, and perhaps make this into a little series. I’m not sure whether I will do one every month, but I love reading other people’s goals and how they got on achieving them, so I thought it would be nice to try too. I think the winter especially can be hard to get stuck into things and see progress in areas of life but setting more attainable goals is something that can help us feel a sense of achievement. When things are documented on paper, it can be easier to appreciate what we have actually accomplished. I hope you enjoy my goals for February.

February Goals…


Make Time For Meditation

My anxiety has been a little worse recently and I think making more time for meditation will really help. When I say “meditation” I mean listening to apps to help me such as Headspace. Building it into a little routine is what I need to do I think rather than just sporadically.


Learn A Piece On The Piano

I brought my piano up to London a little while ago now and yet I never seem to have the time to play it. I want to set myself a goal to learn a new piece, however easy it may be. I think this will be a great goal to make!


Focus A Little More On Instagram

I still haven’t quite got to grips with Instagram and I want to take some time to properly research into how I can grow my platform on it. Wish me luck! If you have any tips, I’d be most grateful!


Make More “Me Time”

The start of the teaching term was a little hectic and there were other things going on that I had to fit in, so I really want to try and build in little moments of “me time” during February. Whether it is applying a face mask or a taking a bath, I think self-care is important.


Keep Setting Myself Anxiety Goals

Anxiety has been hard recently, but I want to keep setting myself goals to try and help with it. It is hard when London can be isolating but I really want to try and get back into setting goals again.

What are your goals?

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