SourcedBox Review January 2019

January is definitely a month where the snacks are in need! I don’t know about you but after Christmas I feel we need a little pick me up. What’s so great is that SourcedBox provide that little excitement and comfort needed in January. The snacks they select for their boxes are always so creative, in taste and packaging. I just love being presented with an array of snacks that I would not have necessarily picked out myself. The best thing though is the fact these snacks are much healthier than the usual supermarket treat. Since eating healthier snacks I’ve noticed a huge change in my mood, my energy levels and my sense of adventure through eating amazing food!



Flow | Alkaline Spring Water Lemon + Ginger Favour | Contains naturally occurring electrolytes and in sustainable packaging.

Raw & Wild | Activated Pili Nuts – Raw Chocolate & Coconut | Rich in vitamin E and magnesium. Creamy and delicious!

Love Corn | Sea Salt Flavoured Corn Snack | A healthy grazing snack.

Abacus | Red Dates Stuffed With Almonds | Sweet, juicy and filling. A great little treat.

The Food Doctor | Apple & Walnut Goodness Bar | Good for out and about, although not my favourite bar as it was a little dry.

100% Natural | Organic Raw Chocolate Brownie With Himalayan Rose Salt | Absolutely delicious and much healthier than a regular brownie!

Creative Nature | Ginger Teatox Raw Flapjack | I really wanted to like this but the flavour was not quite right for me. Lovely ingredients though.

Peakz | Salted Caramel Chocolate Squares | Peakz can do no wrong in my eyes! These are delicious – they remind me of chocolate nests but in bitesize form.

Well & Truly | Crunchy Smokey Paprika Baked Corn Snacks | So yummy! These reminded me of Wotsits but healthier.

Bounce V Life | Cacao Peanut Protein Energy Ball | Delicious and filling! Slightly confused by the colour of the packaging though – I would have associated yellow with lemon flavour.




Well & Truly | Crunchy Smokey Paprika Baked Corn Snacks

This makes a great savoury snack! They also contain less fat than regular crisps. I loved the flavour and can’t wait to try their other products.


Peakz | Salted Caramel Chocolate Squares

As I mentioned above these are a dream. They even contain B12 which is great. They still have a lot of sugar in them, but the taste is just amazing so I’m considering these as a treat snack.


100% Natural | Organic Raw Chocolate Brownie With Himalayan Rose Salt

Raw cacao brownie is just heavenly to eat. Per bar, the sugars is lower than a normal brownie and you have the added benefits of the natural ingredients. So yummy!


This post is not sponsored, I just love making these for you to demonstrate the healthy choices there are out there in the snacking world. Let me know if you still like these blog posts in the comments below or whether you would like something a bit different next time! I’m tempted to mix things up on here but if you really want me to continue these SourcedBox reviews then let me know below!


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