Mindful Shopping

Being more mindful about the way we shop is definitely something us millennials should be thinking about. I love to shop (as I’m sure many of you do also). However, shopping too much can mean we end up owning more than we actually need. Clutter can then build up and we are soon running out of space in our homes to store it! I wanted to chat with you all today about the idea of shopping with a more thoughtful approach and considering our purchases better.

Do We Actually Need It?

A lot of the time a physical object can fill the void of something else we are lacking in our life such as company, the perfect job or that sense of purpose. However, it is rarely the “things” that can bring us joy in the long term. Thinking whether we actually need an item can be a great approach to recognising those “spur of the moment” purchases compared to those “investments”. I really want to consider my purchases more and use up my current things first (for example in beauty).


Have A Beauty Treasure Hunt At Home

I store all my beauty in one place and I often forget what I own. It is so easy to buy things whilst out shopping because you cannot remember what is at home. I regularly go through my current beauty items and pick some products to “trial” each month. It feels like going shopping without actually spending money. It’s also lovely to read more about the products online and understand why some are so exciting to have in your “to try” pile.


Consider Shopping In Store Rather Than Online

Not only does this eliminate waiting for the delivery driver to arrive but it also makes you realise how much you have actually purchased. By physically carrying the items around the shopping centre, reality kicks in. You can also only buy how much you can carry! Spending more time on the shopping “experience” makes it more enjoyable also.


Spend Less And Waste Less

By not overbuying, we are actually living more sustainably. It is crazy how much unwanted items end up in charity shops and even landfill each year. We need to use up what we have before adding it to our shopping list. Recycle the packaging and even donate items to friends that you really haven’t got on with. Always find a home for things.


Still Treat Yourself

This may be controversial but eliminating shopping all together is not realistic. Treat yourself to a few spontaneous purposes but just not as often. Maybe once a month set aside a budget to do some “off the list” shopping.  You will soon look forward to this date and it will seem more special than the regular beauty and fashion hauls!

Have you got any more tips on sustainable shopping?

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