How To Blog On A Budget

People often ask me if I buy many beauty, fashion, lifestyle and food products for my blog. Although I do purchase things with the blog in mind, I wouldn’t say I over buy items to make a blog post. I wanted to demonstrate here today some little tips for blogging on a budget. If you are starting a blog, or considering it, but are afraid of the expense involved then hopefully this will help. Blogging can be done on a budget and it’s not too late to start!

Make The Most Of Birthday And Christmas Presents

I often pop on my wish list items that I would not necessarily have purchased myself, as they are a treat purchase. I don’t have a vast income and so this is a great opportunity to ask for items I would like to trial out. This is great for beauty blogs as I can post my findings there. I have also bought myself the Marks & Spencer beauty advent calendar the last two years and the products within that have served me well for many blog post ideas.

Be Creative

Be creative with your blog ideas. Try and base them around things that are going on in your life and fit them around things you already own and are loving using at the moment. After all, this makes blogging more authentic. I try and think of blog post ideas relating to my interests. I also get imaginative when digging through my food and beauty cupboards to see what I already own and make a blog post relating to that.

Work With Brands

If you are lucky enough to get sent products regularly (I’m not quite there yet ha-ha) then this is the dream to being provided with products for blog post ideas. Reviews and first impressions are always interesting to read.

Review Something You Would Have Purchased Anyway

I get a subscription of SourcedBox for instance and I love doing a blog post featuring the products inside each monthly box. It is so fun to do, and I would subscribe to SourcedBox regardless of the blog.

Create Food Recipes With Affordable Ingredients

I love creating recipes, but it is a bonus when the ingredients come to a minimal spend. They are also more accessible to everyone.

Purchase Blog Extras In Sales

Use the sales to buy those items you really want to feature on your blog. Get some gorgeous props and items to review when things are more affordable. You can also post a haul of what you buy to fill another blog post spot. I recommend buying artificial flowers as they are cheaper than real flowers and last for lots of blog posts.


My jewellery holder is made from a frame and hooks my boyfriend attached. It makes a great blogging background and was miles cheaper than one we could have bought ready done.

Repeat Your Featured Items

Just because you have included one item in a previous blog post, doesn’t mean you have to not include it again. Be clever with how many blog posts you can get out of an item. For example, a skincare product might be in a Skincare Haul blog, a Current Skincare Routine, a Favourites blog, … the list is endless!

Have you got any more tips?

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