February 2019 Favourites

February has honoured some new discoveries of both food and beauty. I’ve also enjoyed getting into the new year more and looking forward to the approach of spring. Too early to talk about Easter? February has been about comfort and finding ways to boost my energy levels of both mind and body….



Kirstie and Phil’s Love It or List It

If you haven’t seen Kirstie and Phil’s “Love It or List It” TV show then you are missing out. I’ve definitely been obsessed. I just love anything to do with property shows and find it really fun to watch whether the couple will stay in their current home after doing work to it, or move on to another property. I still don’t own my own house, but these programmes make me eager to keep working hard and hopefully one day I will get to get on the property ladder.


Decluttering Instagram

I recently went through my Instagram and started unfollowing people that don’t actually inspire me anymore. Some accounts had not been used for a year and some had changed content to which I had originally followed. I also ditched the big celebs that don’t make me feel positive. Since doing a little clean up, I’ve fallen in love with Instagram again. I can actually see on my feed the people that really inspire me. I’ve also found it easier to comment on other people’s photos because they are more accessible to me. I definitely recommend doing this! If you are not following me on Instagram and would like to my Instagram link is here (cheeky self-promo).



Purely Plantain Crisps Naturally Salted

I discovered these amazing crisps before Christmas but failed to mention them. I’m not a massive crisp person but I’m trying to adapt my savoury tooth. These are just insane! They are actually better than crisps in my opinion as they are made from plantain. They are also low in salt, fat and sugar! Highly recommend, the taste is just heavenly!

The Raw Chocolate Company Salted Vanoffee Cashews

Oh wow, these are just incredible! I first tried these in my February SourcedBox. They are honestly one of the BEST things I’ve tasted in a while. They are probably not the best in terms of sugar content but having said that, they have roughly half the sugar than a lot of chocolate treats out there. The raw cacao taste is divine!

Peakz Crunchy Salted Caramel Chocolate Squares

With less sugar than the standard chocolate bar, these moreish treats are amazing. Think chocolate shreddies! I am seriously obsessed. For those that think vegan food is boring, this is the perfect example. I’m not vegan, but when I find treats like this, I get so happy as it’s the little swaps that still make the difference both to our health and environment.


Autograph Bronzer

I was looking for a new bronzer to replace my extremely old and battered one. The Christmas M&S Advent calendar provided this mini one and I was so excited to try it. Since using it, I’ve been so impressed. The colour payoff is lovely, and the texture feels soft and blends flawlessly. I also love the fact it is paraben free, vegan, fragrance free, alcohol free, and cruelty free. Go M&S! It’s also much cheaper than a lot of larger brands out there and the clasp closure is satisfyingly secure when you click it shut!

LUSH Mint Lip Scrub

I regularly apply a face mask (about once a week) and at the same time I use a lip scrub. I often forget to mention it on here, but the LUSH lip scrubs are just to lovely at rejuvenating the lips. It’s so nice to feel refreshed for lipstick. I love the use of natural products and the fact it is refreshing from the mint.

Korres Chamomile & Almond Oil Soap

I’ve been trying to alternate between liquid hand soap and a bar soap. Sometimes I find liquid hand soap drying on my hands and I do a lot of cooking so I’m often washing my hands. This Korres soap adds a little luxury to my hand washing experience and the smell is divine. Chamomile is so soothing too. Some bar soaps don’t lather up well but this one is lovely.

This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

This is a pillow spray which you spray in your room and on your pillow before bed time to help you sleep. Whilst this is a great use for it, I have recently been spraying it when I get home from teaching to give me a sense of calm. Even though I enjoy it, sometimes violin teaching can be exhausting and stressful. This gives me that instant boost to help relax me and helps me close off the day ready for the evening unwind.

Have you tried any of these before?

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