March 2019 Goals

Here’s to another goals blog post! Here’s the time to recap on my February Goals and set some new ones for March. I love assessing how the last month has been and moving forward to try and challenge ourselves positively. I didn’t quite achieve all my goals last month, but I’m still pleased with my efforts. This month I’m going to focus on more specific goals and less of them so I can immerse myself in them more.

February Goals…How I Got On

February was a month of ups and downs. I found myself getting quite tired from the extra work I’ve taken on recently, whilst still trying to keep on top of my blog and other commitments. So, February was very much about looking after myself and pampering myself in my free time.

Make Time For Meditation

This goal didn’t really get achieved. I do still find meditation apps hard to make myself get inspired by. However, I have enjoyed practising gratitude and that has helped make me appreciate the little things in life after a hard day.


Learn A Piece On The Piano

I have managed to play more piano this month which is good. I want to order a piece just “for me” but I’ve been learning the accompaniment to one of my grade 3 violin pupil’s pieces. This has been rewarding playing the piano in her lessons. I’m not as good as a more experienced piano player but I’ve felt great to at least try.


Focus A Little More On Instagram

I’ve been enjoying connecting with more people on Instagram. I unfollowed a few people so that I could actually see people’s posts that I really admired. This has decluttered my feed and made me more inspired to use Instagram more now.


Make More “Me Time”

I’ve been building in YouTube time and cups of tea. I’ve also tried my hardest not to check my work emails on my days off (not always succeeded but I’m making progress on it). Having a set day off a week has really helped make me feel less anxious about getting time to myself and to properly recharge.


Keep Setting Myself Anxiety Goals

I’ve been doing better with my anxiety goals, although this is still one to work on. Sometimes it’s easier than others but this is always an ongoing goal.

March Goals

Go On A Tube

I’ve become scared of tubes recently from the crowds and germs involved. I don’t normally have to go into central London much and so living in SW London means I can hop in my car to go venturing out of London and close by. However, I want to set myself a goal to try and go on one tube visit this month, as sometimes places like Covent Garden are worth the trip! I don’t want my anxiety to stop me missing opportunities.


Focus On Others

I want to try and ignore my anxieties (if possible) when in a stressful situation. It can be hard when people are rude and unfair, but I really want to try and focus on them. I want to understand that maybe they are going through problems of their own and that might be the reason for their unkindness. It doesn’t make it right and I am sensitive. However, this might help me detach from the negative emotion.



OK, last month this didn’t get achieved but I want to simplify it and my goal this month is to meditate once a week for 10-15 minutes. If I manage this then that is a great thing and I can start to add in more sessions.


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