Office Work Motivation Hacks

Sometimes we need a little motivation to get us through the working day. Today, I’m going to focus on office working. When I write my blog posts, I need to feel motivated and that really helps my productivity. Sometimes we get into a negative mindset and can’t work as productivity. Here’s some little tips to help.

Change Of Scenery

Have you ever thought of working in a different place for some of the day? Maybe switch desks with a colleague for the day or work in a different room of your home.


Desk Near The Window

I love to work at the desk near the window. I just love the natural light and feeling warm from the sunshine. It really helps me stay positive and gives me a sense of “space” as I can look out and breathe in the air if the window is open.


Music is a debatable one, but I find if I am doing a repetitive task such as editing photos etc. I find music really useful. It instantly lifts my mood. If you find it distracting, try listening to a track whilst taking a tea break or take 5 minutes to have a silly dance break around the room. I listen from anything from classical to pop and it really helps me not feel too lonely. A lot of my work (even teaching) can feel very lonely. I also love to play music on my commute to work in the car.


Buy Some Different Snacks

Having some different snacks from brands you have not tried before are a great incentive to work hard for. Keep your energy levels up with healthy brands. There are SO many delicious snacks out there that are not unhealthy. I love snacks from my SourcedBox. Otherwise, I can recommend buying some from The Vegan Kind, Planet Organic, Holland & Barrett and even supermarkets.

Make Your Desk Pretty

If your desk is aesthetically pleasing, then you are more likely to get excited about it. I am in the process of decorating our desk and I intend to fill it with cute plants, decorations and lots of copper and pastel stationery. Stationery can be so uplifting and really make you get excited about working.

What are your tips for motivation at work?


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