March 2019 Favourites

March has been a busy month for me. Teaching has been full-on, I’ve felt constantly behind in life but I’ve managed to also do some lovely things. I’ve been to a couple of events and enjoyed new beauty and food. I’ve also scheduled in a few granny film nights in my comfy clothes. I hope you enjoy reading these favourites. There are quite a lot this month!


Rose Gold Cutlery

My boyfriend bought us some rose gold cutlery when he cooked me dinner recently and it is so lovely! I’d been wanting to get some rose gold cutlery for ages and it just makes eating feel so luxurious! This cutlery set is even dishwasher safe!

Sustainable Food Bags

Veggio do some amazing sustainable food bags. I wanted to find something that I could take to a supermarket and use for loose veg, instead of the plastic bags in the shops. However, a lot of brands aren’t great as they have holes in or just didn’t seem right. These however are amazing. They do not have holes in, and the fastening is so secure. You can also see the product through the bag and so the person at the checkout does not need to look inside and handle your food.

Film: Trolls

I watched Trolls for the first time the other week and it may seem like a kids film (it probably is…) but I just loved it! It’s got a great cast full of lots of singing (including Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick). The songs are just so uplifting, and I’ve been playing them since pretending I’m a 9-year-old with no worries and responsibilities.


Film: Collateral Beauty

Another great film I’ve watched recently is Collateral Beauty. It is so clever, and Will Smith is brilliant in it. I don’t want to give too much away but it’s about loss, love and friendship.


Going To A Kitty Macfarlane Gig

I went to see a folk music gig with my parents and boyfriend recently and really enjoyed it. The actual venue wasn’t that fun… it was like a dungeon down in the basement of a pub which I’m not sure would pass safety regulations… but the actual concert gig was stunning. Her song writing is enchanting, and I highly recommend you check out her songs on YouTube or Spotify.


Going To A Live Talking Tastebuds Event

Another great thing I did this month was attend a Talking Tastebuds Live Podcast. I’ve been a big fan of Venetia Falconer’s podcast for a while now and it was so amazing to watch a live recording. It was in central London and I hadn’t been on the tubes in a while, but I was really proud of myself for going. I had my amazing friend and boyfriend with me so at least I had them to help me if I got anxious at all.



Spoon Granola

I’ve only purchased the Cinnamon & Pecan and the Dark Chocolate flavours, but both are just amazing! They are lower in sugar than most granolas, tastier and just come in the most gorgeous packaging. I just LOVE this brand. It’s the closest darkness of dark chocolate I’ve found to my homemade Deluxe Granola and when I don’t have time to make my own, I just love buying this!

Bananito Dark Chocolate Dipped Solar Dried Banana Bar

This solar dried banana bar is just incredible. I may have mentioned these before, but I just thought I would spread awareness of this amazing product! It is natural, delicious and just much better for you than a chocolate bar.


Zoella Beauty Reach For The Moon Hand Cream

I’ve been loving using my Zoella Reach For The Moon Hand Cream lately as it is just so soothing to apply. It has vanilla and peppermint notes. I always find the formula of Zoella Beauty hand creams really great too and they sink into the skin quickly.

L’Occitane Shea Butter Face Creams

L’Occitane face creams are just the best and I’ve been using the Shea butter ones for years. I hadn’t used them for a while though as they are pricey, so I like to alternate them with other ones (plus I like variety). However, nothing quite feels as luxurious as these. They just feel so heavenly and they are almost like a cuddle. I use the Shea Light Face Cream in the morning and the Shea Ultra Rich Face Cream at night.

What do you think of these? What are your favourites this month?

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