The Importance Of Self Care

With so much going on in our busy lives these days, we need to remember the Importance Of Self Care. I’m an introvert and I’ve learnt to discover that if I don’t get sufficient Me Time during the week, I get a little drained and overwhelmed…

Timetabling Me Time

I call my Mondays off Me Time Mondays. I work Saturdays and so my decision was to take Mondays off, so that I had a “weekend”. It’s vital to my weekly survival both mentally and physically. I use this time to catch up on personal admin, but I also think it is important to schedule in nothing to do…. When was the last time you had nothing to do? Exactly! I love filling my free time with however my mood requires. I normally enjoy watching some TV or YouTube, applying a facemask, doing some meditation and eating delicious snacks. It’s just heavenly. Scheduling in this time makes sure I am less anxious about achieving enough calm that week.


Collect Your Thoughts

We need time as individuals to reflect and absorb our surroundings. Introvert or not, we all need a little headspace.


We Are How We Live

We can only look after people if we are relaxed and content. We cannot burn out and fit everything in. It is more socially acceptable to be there for your friends when you are more present as opposed to sitting there half-asleep pretending to listen.


Mental Health

There is a stigma around mental health, but I don’t think there needs to be. I am quite open about my anxiety and Self-Care is essential to my coping strategy. Anxiety can creep up on you without realising but looking after yourself is the KEY to managing mental health.



If you do not rest, then you cannot be as productive in your working or personal life. Efficiency comes from people who are likely to be well-rested and alert.

Do you have any more tips for self-care?

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