April 2019 Goals

March was a busy month and it included a little more socialising, going to events and focusing on preparing my violin pupils for the end of term. I do feel a little tired at the moment and my goals for April therefore reflect more self-care and focus.

March Goals… How I Got On


Go On A Tube

I did achieve this goal so I’m really happy as going on tubes is something I don’t enjoy (I mean who does…?). For various reasons though, my anxiety does prevent me going on tubes. Whilst I still don’t want to go on them all the time, I feel like this moment of going on a tube was a breakthrough and I really want to keep practising this goal at non-busy times (AKA not rush hour). I managed one way by myself which I’m proud of. However, the rush hour tube with lots of people was too much and that’s OK I’ve told myself for now.


Focus On Others

I’ve tried to focus on others a little more to stop me being absorbed in my own anxiety and to understand people’s points of view. I feel like this is something I need to keep practising though as I easily get disheartened by other people and I need to learn that it is not personal half the time, they are just leading their own lives.



In March I made a goal to do meditation once a week. I feel like I have achieved this and some weeks I did 2 times per week. I want to keep practising this as it does help.


April Goals


Be A Little Kinder To Myself

I have a habit of setting myself too much to do and whilst it is amazing to go above and beyond for work and social events, I need to be a little kinder to myself and do a little bit less sometimes. I’m not paid anymore for working harder and whilst I don’t want to be lazy, I just want to recognise that I am not a failure if I don’t achieve the impossible. I want to build in more time to do things that make me feel more relaxed and less anxious, as mental health is so important too. I can’t be as productive if I am not well rested either.


Have A Spring Clean

I want to have a spring clean and declutter in the flat. I also want to finally have time to do things like “cleaning the windows” and giving the place a little refresh.


Not Go On Social Media One Day Per Week

This is a hard one and whilst I love social media, it is part of my “work” and so there always feels this constant pressure to post online every day. I don’t feel brave enough to take a huge break from social media, in case I lose my following I’ve worked so hard to create. However, taking a day off per week might be refreshing. What are your thoughts on this? Does FOMO stop you from doing this too?


What are your goals at the moment?


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