Zoella X Colorpop Review

You may have seen this all over your social media already… but I couldn’t NOT share it with you! Zoe Sugg recently collaborated with Colorpop to bring out a “Brunch Date” makeup range featuring themes of brunch. One of the items from her collection that I bought was the eyeshadow palette. When it arrived, I didn’t know what to expect as I had never owned anything from Colorpop before… but I was so impressed…

The Colours…

The best thing about this palette is the fact that it contains colours that are ALL shades I would use. So many palettes only contain a few that I actually use on day to day basis. And this is such a waste as some shades get untouched. The range of dreamy shades is incredible. You can imagine Zoe chose these with thought as they are all just heavenly. My favourites are “Sunday Funday” (a gorgeous shimmery pink) … “Cinnamon Sugar” (a stunning copper shade…and also the name can I say is my favourite spice) … and “Skinny Latte” (another pinky shade but a touch more rose gold in colour). I even think the blue shade I will love wearing for dinner out as I have blue eyes and it will enhance them. I’m just so stunned by the colours and wearability of everything.

The Packaging

I just love the way the brunch date theme fits so effortlessly within the packaging. The box is just so fun and sophisticated. I also love the names of the shadows. The cute little heart shapes for “Skinny Latte” and “Sunny Side Up” are lovely. The actual palette has a magnetic closure and is very slim. It is great for travel. There is no brush but these days we just prefer our own, don’t we?

The Longevity

The pigment of the shades is fabulous, and it lasts on the lid so well compared to my other shadows. I would rate this as extremely long lasting as it stays on all day. I do wear an eyeshadow primer, so I’d be interested as to how long this lasts without one. Anyone tried?


There are definitely a few shades in there that are great for using as eye liner instead, to give a diverse look. I think “French Toast”, “Americano” and “Extra Slice” are great for that. Even the blue “Brunch Club” shade would look stunning as a liner.

What’s your verdict on this palette? I absolutely love it and can’t wait to use it again and again. It’s now my favourite palette!


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