How Can I Be More Sustainable?

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Ask yourself the question… “How Can I Be More Sustainable?”.

What does this really mean? What should I be doing? What small things can I do to make a difference? For me this has many answers and it is very subjective, but the point of this blog is to make people realise that the small things DO matter and if we each do our best then we can make BIG changes collectively.

Little Changes…

I’ve learnt lately that just by asking myself the question “How can this be more sustainable” really helps me think more about what I am doing day to day. For instance, when applying my makeup, I often use a tissue to wipe the makeup from my hands onto, so I don’t get makeup everywhere. However, this is very wasteful EVERY DAY. Tissues are not plastic but creating less waste is great in any way. I now use a face cloth and then rinse it and wash it afterwards, just like I would do for taking off my makeup. I’ve also tried to use food tubs instead of cling film for any beauty product packaging I’ve had to cut to get the last bit from the squeezy tube… anyone else do this? I previously would cover it with clingfilm but using a reusable plastic food container is much better.


That Won’t Make A Difference

If you are skeptical that the small changes can really make a difference, then just think of the number of people on the planet. If everyone was a tiny teeny bit better sustainably then the planet would be in a much better state. Things like not littering and recycling wherever possible really do add up.


Eating More Vegan Meals

It’s proven that the animal products do cause a massive impact on environmental damage. I actually get really excited about eating vegan meals. I am not a vegan, but I do eat a lot of plant-based food. It is actually amazingly tasty and extremely healthy for you too! There are so many unusual options too from acai bowls to jackfruit.


Sustainable Fashion

Buying less clothes and creating less wastage on landfill is essential to our planet. I used to buy far more clothes and whilst I still love fashion, I really think now about “am I going to wear it multiple times”… “does this go in my wardrobe”… “is it practical”…. “will it last”…? I’ve not found many sustainable brands I love yet in an affordable price range, but I’ve heard of so many great ones, so after a little more research I might try shopping at sustainable brands too. However, buying less is definitely the way to start.


Have you got any more ideas on how we can make small changes to collectively make a big impact?


P.S. There will be no blogs next week as I am taking a week off but I’ll be back the week after! I hope you have a lovely week!



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