A Visit To Brighton

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Checking In 

Brighton is one of those places that is appreciated by so many people…. The sea, the buzzing atmosphere, the food… I’ve been a few times now and yet I would still go again. Each time I visit, I discover new places and fantastic eatery spots. It’s one of those reliable places and I just love to visit there. Me and my boyfriend took a few days off and drove down to Brighton. We also stopped by Lewes (a gorgeous town nearby) which I’ll feature in a separate blog. When we got there, we checked into an Airbnb which was the best decision, as it meant we could be independent and have a little bit more space. It was also a bonus to have a kitchen….

Seaside And Pizza

The first day, after stopping off in Lewes, we had a lovely walk along the beach. It was so refreshing to capture that sea air and a nice change from London. I just love the sea and it brings back memories of going to the beach when I was younger. After our walk we decided to get a takeaway from Purezza (a vegan pizza place). It was absolutely incredible. The dough balls were simply amazing, and the “cheese” was creamy and delish! If I was a vegan this would be my go-to pizza place as it really did taste similar to cheese!

Views From The Sky

The next day, we went on the i360 and that was just incredible. It was poor visibility as it was a wet day, but we still saw amazing views. I would highly recommend it. We also picked up a gorgeous print in the gift shop to remind us of our trip.


SIX Brighton

The next stop was lunch at SIX, a trendy coffee shop nearby. The menu was amazing, and their acai bowl sounded delish. I went for avocado and poached egg and it was perfect. I also had an oat milk latte (so creamy) and tried some of Owen’s smoothie. Owen had sweet potato cakes with avocado and poached eggs… We then finished with banana bread with peanut butter. It was a lovely lunch.

Food Of Dreams…

The weather was a little miserable so we had a short walk, watched some Les Misérables (to keep with the miserable theme ha-ha) and then headed out for dinner to celebrate our 7 year anniversary. We decided to go to a vegetarian restaurant called Terre A Terre. I’ll be writing a separate blog post on our meal so stay tuned for that.


The last day ended perfectly with a short drive to breakfast at Café Marmalade. I’d heard so much about this place and it even has a cute little shop across the road. I’ll also be writing a blog post on this! I can say though that the food was so good!


Overall, I had such a lovely time away. I would really recommend getting an Airbnb as it is just nicer and more homely than a hotel. I normally try and pick a Superhost one as they are a little bit nicer and go that extra mile. I really want to make time to go on more mini breaks this year. Bath, Edinburgh, Tunbridge Wells are all on my list…. Where would you go away?


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