Interview Series… Georgie XOXO

Today I have something a little different on the blog… an interview based around wellness and the lovely entrepreneur Georgie. Her blog Georgie xoxo is focused around travel, wellness, food and beauty. She also owns an incredible hair accessory business called Beauxoxo. Georgie battles health issues alongside running a successful business, writing a blog and managing her anxiety. She is one inspiring person. Read all about her on her blog if you want to know even more here. I’ve known Georgie for years, and we thought it might be nice to do a guest interview style post each for our blogs. I really hope you enjoy this because I had SUCH a good time working on it.

What is your perfect “wellness” inspired breakfast to set you up for the day? 

My favourite breakfast of all time is porridge. To me, a bowl of reliable porridge is the ultimate wellness breakfast because the endless variety of methods and toppings makes it the most hearty, easy and comforting breakfast ever. I love making mine with any dairy-free milk, berries, vanilla, and cinnamon topped with flaxseeds and coconut chips.


What does a typical day look like to you? 

I love that my days truly vary! Today, for example, it has been spent making over 100 of my DIY Flower Crown boxes for a huge wedding event so it’s been hard work but immensely satisfying seeing them all come together! Other days could be purely admin, so I’ll be busy working away at my laptop. Then some days are full of meetings and being out and about. I’m also in the process of building up a new business, writing about music and art history for children, and that means a lot of my time is spent working away in the British Library or the V&A. It’s so exciting to have that variety of activity but maintaining standards and discipline is a must!

How have you learnt to juggle running a successful business alongside a blog and looking after your health, all at the same time? 

It’s something you really have to craft and nurture into your everyday self-care, and it definitely doesn’t come naturally to me! In the early days of my business I had terrible issues with working far too much and frequently experiencing burn out. Now I have a very healthy balance of knowing how I work best and I’m able to trust and rely on others more. When you first start a business, you feel so protective over every single thing, but I’ve so enjoyed leaning on the wisdom of others and letting go a bit more these days! For me, I’ve learnt to schedule in downtime, build a team that enabled me to best manage my time and resources and most importantly create a routine that takes care of myself emotionally and physically as well as building a profitable business. You also have to realise that your business and dreams won’t work unless you do! So, it’s paramount to always put your well-being before anything else. I’m really proud of how I’ve grown in that aspect.


How did you keep a positive mental attitude when you were diagnosed with health problems? 

This is something I have to work on every single day, and I think of it like stretching my body, or working out! Sometimes the choices and compromises of living with health problems seem so desperately unfair and without reprise. Having this, and other conditions, is definitely an extra challenge in life, but it also teaches me that much more and gives me a perspective that I would not have had otherwise. That’s where I draw my positivity. Fundamentally I believe there is a silver lining that prevails and for me that’s been a heightened experience of pure and simple appreciation. My condition is not who I am, but it is a part of my story. To accept that modern medicine cannot restore you is an ongoing grieving process, but it fuels my hunger to thrive and my fight to survive.

It seems like you have achieved so much already with your business, blog and even YouTube channel. Has your positive and inspiring outlook on your situation made you more determined to achieve this success? 

I truly passionately believe in this quote by Marie Forleo: ‘There has never been and never will be another you. You have a purpose – a very special gift that only you can bring to the world.’ It’s a quote that is so powerful because I truly believe that we really do all have something special and unique to offer to this world and it’s about finding the best ways to share that with everyone. In doing so, it makes finding mine the driving force behind how I live my life.


What are your top 3 self care tips? 

1) Create joyful rituals everyday

2) Be still and connect with nature

3) Never stop learning (I read really inspiring self-help books every single day and constantly put time in my schedule to learn new skills be it a language, craft etc)

What is your favourite thing to eat and drink? 

My favourite cuisine is a mix between Japanese, Icelandic and Mediterranean- so for food it would be a mix of that (trust me sounds odd, but definitely can be done!). To drink I adore herbal teas and for extra comfort turmeric lattes.


If you could give advice to someone else with Raynaud’s disease what would you say? 

To know you’re not alone and that support is out there. It disappoints me how little is known about this condition and whilst it cannot be cured, I’d love in the future for people to be more aware.

Where do you get inspiration for your gorgeous beauxoxo products from? 

For me being inspired requires an openness of heart and spirit so for this it’s vital I firstly create an environment that supports an open heart, so that inspiration blossoms into my life naturally. And from there it can literally be everything from rococo art to Japanese Lolita fashion to the season we’re in, I keep my heart and eyes open to life and set to bringing it to life in my work.


Describe yourself in 3 words. 

Loving, Artistic, Dreamer

Breakfast, lunch or dinner?

Breakfast for me! When I wake up each day it’s when I feel my best and you know how much I love my porridge ritual now!


What have you found to help with your mental health the most? 

When things get tough, I have, and I will, continue to focus my mind on something that I am grateful for. Like the days drenched in pure and utter loveliness, for all the amazing things that I am able to do and see when I can, and for all the incredible souls I have in my life.

What’s your current favourite item on beauxoxo at the moment? 

I’m head over heels in love with the satin bows I created last year. They are so romantic, and I wear them pretty much every single day! A huge oversized statement bow is such a Georgie style and something I feel naked without!


What are your favourite things to do in your spare time? 

I adore crafting, making my own beauty products, playing the piano and violin, travelling, visiting art galleries and spending cherished time with loved ones.


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