Summer Vegan Snack Haul

It is time for another vegan snack haul! I forget how familiar some of these brands are to me and miss sharing them with you! Over the last few years I have become more interested in vegan snacking, discovering some incredible brands. There are so many amazing vegan products on the market these days and we are spoilt for choice. For me, plant-based snacks are just so much more interesting than the standard ones on the market. They just are more inventive, and they taste incredible. Ingredients and flavours you might not have thought of yourself are waiting to be tried. I now prefer vegan chocolate to the regular kind and many other plant-based options. Who knew plants could be so cool? So, what did I buy to try this time?

Leafy Kale Crisps

With a “Great Taste” I’m expecting great things as I always seem to like things that are Great Taste. Kale crisps are so much healthier than regular crisps, so I am so excited to give these a try. Kale is rich in amazing benefits such as iron and potassium.

Proper Corn Peanut Butter & Almond Popcorn

The flavour of this popcorn sounds incredible. I think it will be the prefect evening nibble on a TV night. This popcorn is not too bad for you either and if it tastes amazing then I am all for this.

Peakz Crunchy Hazelnut Chocolate Squares

I’ve tried many Peakz chocolate squares before, but I don’t think I have tried the hazelnut ones. From previous experience, I expect these will be crunchy and delicious! The perfect dessert!

Pastinos Pesto Pasta Snack Crisps

I love pesto and these pasta snacks sound so interesting! I’ve heard great things about these I am so excited to have bought these!

Livia’s Kitchen Millionaire Squares Salted Peanut Butter

Need I explain more? Millionaire bites, peanut butter, crunchy pieces inside? This is by far so much healthier than the classic millionaire shortbread and I cannot wait to try this!

Love Raw Hazelnut Butter Cups

Hazelnut butter cups that are smooth and melt in the mouth… yes please! I can’t believe how amazing this sounds, and they are actually healthier than the classic version, with less sugar!

Nairn’s Salt & Vinegar Pop Oats

These pop oats look so light and addictive. I thought I’d opt for salt & vinegar as I think this will taste fresh and delicious! I think they will make the perfect morning snack, or accompaniment to a sarnie at lunch time!

Do any of these snacks catch your eye?


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