Quiet Places In London

People often think London is busy. It is. However, there are some quiet spots in this busy capital. I look out for places that bring me calm and tranquillity. Being an introvert means that busy crowds is just not my thing. If you are the same, then I hope this blog brings you some insight into the places to go and add to your visiting list. I have 3 quiet places in London that I absolutely adore so I just had to mention them to you today.

St Katharine Docks

St Katharine Docks is snuggled a short walk from Tower Bridge and is a place of absolute calm. There is a sense of space and the water helps add to that tranquillity. This place features many eateries and is a perfect place to meet friends away from the hustle and bustle of Leicester Square.


Richmond Park

Richmond Park is a haven for walking and my favourite bit in it is Isabella Plantation. You get that space within this nature reserve and the deer are absolutely gorgeous to observe from a distance. There are lots of hidden pockets of exploration in Richmond Park.


Holland Park

Holland Park is not as well-known but it by far one of my favourite places in London. Found in Kensington, it contains a public path, formal gardens and even features peacocks. There is also a marquee auditorium for open-air opera performances. It is well worth taking a picnic and taking a stroll through the park during the summer.

Can you think of any other quiet and relaxing places in London to visit?

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