Summer “New Year” Reset Goals

For me, a “New Year” and a fresh start begins in the summer. I teach violin and I am therefore tied to the academic termly routine. I feel like when the summer comes around each year, I begin to set myself new goals and reflect on the previous year. It’s the time of year to make changes and be inspired by the fresh lease of life that is summer. Who says we HAVE to make goals in January? Summer is equally acceptable to set yourself new challenges and gives yourself a new bout of motivation.

Have More Time For Instagram

Being a blogger means making time for Instagram and yet when I’m in the busy term routine, I can’t dedicate as much time to it as I would like. I miss interacting with people and feeling part of the “community”. So, I want to make it my summer goal to become more active on Instagram. I want to try and push myself out of my comfort zone and be more creative with my content. Maybe some videos, Instagram stories and possibly investigating Instagram TV. If you would like to follow me on Instagram then click here to see what I get up to this summer. I love sharing with you my wellness journey, my food discoveries and recipes! You can also follow me on Twitter here if you are interested as I post on there too.


Make More Time For My Anxiety

I have improved so much with my anxiety over the past year and yet I feel there are so many circumstances in which I feel uneasy still and every day posts worries and obstacles. I have to think every situation through, and it can be quite exhausting. It may sound silly but about a year and a half ago I couldn’t leave the house without it taking about 15 minutes due to my anxiety and this was very unhealthy. Luckily now things are a lot easier, but I do tend to hide a lot of things and so things that seem easy to do for other people are just not as easy for me. For instance, going on tubes or going to places I don’t know pose a lot of stress. I want to keep working on my journey into being able to do more things and not saying “no” to a lot of things like I currently do.

Change Up My Routine

I want to focus on feeling more proactive and productive this summer. It is the perfect time to really get into my blog more and I feel this is time I need to devote into not giving up on it. I really want to keep posting my blog posts and be more creative with what I share. Please let me know in the comments what you enjoy reading on this little space as I want to write more content that people find useful!


Make Time To Relax

This year has been busy and stressful for various reasons and it is important I acknowledge that and take a break. I often feel being self-employed that I have to be always be productive, but I really need time to reset and recharge. It can be hard when you feel like you should be working but I have to remember that I have worked hard and unsociable hours this year and I deserve some TLC. I want to make more time for exploring, cooking, sorting and general life adventuring.


What are your goals for summer?

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