July 2019 Favourites

There has been a lot of beauty favourites this month, and some delicious food ones too! I feel like the summer is the time for extra discoveries and I have found it really great. This month included trying out some new skincare (which features in this blog as well as my July Beauty Trials). I also made a trip to the Allergy & Free From Show which made me discover some amazing foodie gems. I hope you enjoy the items featured and do let me know if you try and of them out also!




I’ve been loving using chickpeas in cooking lately as they have such a creamy taste and a lovely texture. My favourite ways of cooking them has been in a chickpea tagine, and as a sandwich filler mashed with vegan mayonnaise, lemon juice, spring onion and salt and pepper.

Perkier Bars

I love the cacao & orange bar, but my favourite is the salted caramel one. I discovered these at the Allergy & Free From Show and they honestly taste so good. They also contain chicory root fibre which is great for healthy gut health.

Lazy Day Foods Tiffin Selection

These are vegan, taste incredible and are great with a cup of tea. Need I say more?

Innocent Coconut Water

It is now full on summer in the UK and London gets extremely dehydrating this time of year. Coconut water is an absolute life saver for getting some natural electrolytes back into your body. It is extremely refreshing and this is perfect for giving you that boost you need when you are drained from the heat.



Pip Studio Notebook

I took inspiration from a Fashion Mumblr YouYube Video to write my daily to do lists in a notepad. I’ve been making a list for each day and putting things I didn’t complete onto the day after. I’ve been loving this approach and I feel more motivated and I can visually see what I have achieved that day.


L’Occitane Verbena Hand Cream

Oh gosh this hand cream smells incredible! It is pricey and so I was grateful of this as a Christmas present last year. I have finally allowed myself to use it and I think the summer months are perfect for citrus scents like this! Highly recommend!

The Hero Project Hyasoft Instant Moisture Boost

I’ve been loving using this serum style moisture boost in the morning to give my skin some TLC. I really think this has helped my skin recently because it was quite stressed and breaking out before using this.

Zoella Beauty Peach Body Sorbet

This body moisturiser is dreamy. It smells amazing and it just sinks into the skin in no time. Perfect for busy days!

Bare Minerals Brilliant Future Eye Cream

Bare Minerals are one of my favourite brands and their ingredients are just divine. This eye cream is glorious and really aids the hydration where my fine lines are. The packaging is also stunning and I just love using this each day!

Fill + Tame Brow Gel

I thought I would go back to this brow gel my sister gave me and although at first, I thought it was too dark for me, I’ve been loving using it on the outer parts of my eyebrows and using my lighter eye brow gel near the innermost part. This looks really affective and has given me more confidence with my brows without my brows looking to sharp and scary.

Salt Of The Earth Natural Deodorant

I’ve been using this deodorant for a while now and although I found it a bit hard to remember to apply to start with, I have got used to the application of it. It is a rock crystal and it works by applying onto wet skin or by putting some water on it and using it as a normal deodorant (my favourite way). After use, I dry it with my bath towel and then it is ready to use the next day. They are meant to last for ages. It has no scent, but I have noticed feeling less sweaty from using this one. It has no aluminium or other nasty chemicals like a lot of high street deodorants have.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair

I honestly feel a million dollars after using this and my skin seems to love it. I noticed how much more hydrated my face was after just a week of using it. Shame it is so expensive as this sample size from Christmas was much appreciated!

What do you like the best out of the things mentioned?


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