Things To Do To Stay Cool During Summer

Whilst writing this blog post, it is currently over 30 degrees in London. Whilst this might not be too hot for some people, I’m definitely someone that struggles in the heat. My perfect temperature is mid 20 degrees (I’m talking Celsius) and anything above that I’m just not productive. I thought I would share with you some tips of trying to stay cool during summer and dodging that heatwave…

Go To The Cinema

Cinemas are normally nice and cool and so this is the PERFECT place to cool off in an evening, if the temperatures are still high. You can get ice cream and forget about those non-airconditioned buildings that we love to live in the UK!


Make An Iced Drink

Whether it’s iced tea or an iced latte, this is the perfect beverage for summer. Bird & Blend always have so many delicious flavoured teas with are perfect to add a cube of ice to. My favourite way to make an iced latte is to make a shot of coffee, then pour it over milk with ice in.


Go For A Drive

If you have an air-conditioned car, then this is the perfect thing to do when the temperatures just get unbearable. Why not go somewhere like a park you can drive through with beautiful scenery. My favourite place to go for a drive is Richmond Park in London.


Change Your Socks

Trust me, this is an underrated one. Changing your socks gives your feet a “new life” and helps refresh you during the day.


Spray A Face Mist

Get hold of a refreshing face mist and just spray your face throughout the day. It will give you that little pick me up that no amount of sugar will provide. Neal’s Yard, Caudalie and Fresh have really nice mists at the moment.


Invest In A Decent Fan

We planned ahead and bought 2 bigger fans before summer. Last year was just unbearable from the heat with our small fan so this year we were prepared. It is a purchase we don’t regret and although the Igenix fans we got are a little more pricey, the price per use is miniscule and well worth it in London especially!


Drink Coconut Water

Coconut water is full of natural electrolytes and it is perfect for combating heat exhaustion and getting some hydration back inside you. My favourite is the Innocent one but there are some others on the market that are equally great.


Do you have any more tips for staying cool this summer?


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