August 2019 Goals

Monthly goals is something I love to do and if you read my July 2019 Goals you will know that I was trying to be less hard on myself and more focused on getting myself back into a routine. I feel like summer is the perfect time to start a fresh and enjoy the new energy that the sunshine brings. Here’s to another month of goals…




Get Back Into Listening To Podcasts

I previously said in July that I wanted to get back into listening to podcasts as they really motivate me, and I find them therapeutic. Well, I have been enjoying listening to them again. My all-time favourite is Talking Tastebuds by Venetia Falconer and it is all about food, sustainability and includes some amazing guests. I’ve learnt so much already from her podcasts and I would highly recommend. My favourite time to listen to podcasts is whilst cleaning or doing housework. When do you listen to podcasts?


Revamp My Wardrobe

I feel like I’ve achieved this goal of revamping my wardrobe a little. I’ve bought a few summer items such as some lovely white broderie dresses. I also had a Marie Kondo clear-out and plan to keep being mindful about what works in my wardrobe. A good declutter is so satisfying!




Spend More Time Engaging With People On Instagram

As it is the summer, I have more time for my blog whilst I don’t have teaching to do. This is great as I really want to spend more time on Instagram, finding people with like-minded interests and just enjoy the community that is blogging more. I feel like devoting 30-60 minutes a day will be a good goal, including posting my own content on there of course.


Be More Productive

Whilst I love working from home, it is hard to feel motivated sometimes. The lines can also seem blurred between free time and work time and so I often do work in the evenings and weekends to make up for other time doing things. I want to try and set some daily task lists and feel more productive in terms of challenging myself of what I can achieve in a day. I want to take that “do it now” attitude more, rather than putting things off. By working harder in condensed periods of time, hopefully I won’t end up working into the evening so much and enjoy some time socialising more.


Start Setting Anxiety Goals Again

Things have been so hectic with life and living arrangements up in the air, so anxiety goals have been low on the priority list. I want to get back into setting myself weekly goals again and try and tackle some of these demons.


What do you want to achieve this month?

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