July 2019 Goals

For those that read my June 2019 Goals, you will know that the previous month had not gone so well in terms of achieving things I had set out to do. However, as I said, I didn’t want it to defeat me and accepted that it was OK to have a blip once in a while. I’m feeling much more positive about not setting too much for myself just for the sake of writing goals. I want them to be more useful and achievable for July. I hope you enjoy reading my goals this month.



Make The Most Of Things

I did make the most of the little things this month and being in my current place in life, whatever happens next. I’ve tried over the last few weeks to focus on the now and not the what ifs. I think this has made me appreciate things more that I would have sometimes taken for granted otherwise. Who knows the future but the now is so important too.


Make More Time For Sorting

I haven’t had a LOT of time for sorting, but I’ve at least made a start on things. I think decluttering is definitely going to be a long project, but it will be worth it to feel more space and freedom around me. By having a sort out, I hope it makes me discover long lost treasures and streamlining my items so that I love the things I own.



Get Back Into Listening To Podcasts

I used to love listening to a podcast whilst I cleaned or did housework, however I’ve really got out of touch with it all. I’ve preferred quiet time (which is still good) but I think the beauty of podcasts is finding that sense of distraction, company and inspiration. I learn so much from the people I listen to and it really motivates me to work hard in life and inspire others. My favourite podcasts are The Health Code, Deliciously Ella, and Talking Tastebuds.


Revamp My Wardrobe

I feel like this is a fun one to do! I’ve got to the stage that my clothes need a little sorting. I do order clothes occasionally, but I mostly end up sending it all back because I am just too picky about what I buy these days. I want it to last me and I want it to be a mindful purchase. The fit has to be right and it has to make me feel great. I’ve been hanging onto old clothes just because I haven’t found anything to replace them, but I need to think of starting a fresh and getting back my confidence in the way I style myself. I used to love fashion a lot more and I feel like I’ve lost a little bit of that through my anxiety. I want to express my personality though my clothes more and feel a bit more confident.


What are your monthly goals?


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