June 2019 Goals And Anxiety Update

I wasn’t sure whether to post a goals blog post this month. Frankly, my May goals did not amount to a huge success… My mind was somewhere else due to my anxiety and I didn’t really achieve what I set out to do. This month has been hard because we found out that our landlord wanted the place back and so that has given us many anxious times thinking about what steps we want to take next. Did we want to rent again and for how long? Where did we want to be? When did we want to buy? Could we afford to buy? If you know from experience of moving, you will know how tough and unsettling it is. Last time I moved caused my anxiety to take a whole new level and anxious people will know change causes worry and despair. Not to put a downer on this blog but I wanted to just reflect that if you are also having a bad month, accept that it is OK to not achieve what you wanted to set out to achieve. It is OK to have days that aren’t as successful as others. Yes, I haven’t achieved my May goals, but I don’t want that to stop me focusing on June and what that has to bring. If I don’t achieve these goals either, then it won’t matter but trying is the main thing.

May Goals… How I Got On


Have A Bath Once A Week

Taking a bath once a week seems an easy goal, but May was so busy that I just felt like I needed to be spending time doing other things in the evenings. That’s OK, I’m sure June will bring more baths and I really want to try and relax more!


Stand On Both Feet More

Again, this wasn’t achieved but I feel like this would be a good goal to carry over to June also.


Trust In My Own Decisions More

I have been a little more confident in my own decisions more such as going food shopping spontaneously on my own and getting other people to state their opinion about something less. However, I have learnt that it is still important to ask advice when you need it. People are there for support and sometimes a second opinion is just what you need. I have been feeling more independent in my decisions sometimes during May though.

June Goals


Make The Most Of Things

I love the home we live in and rather than think of things as negative I want to appreciate what I have currently. Who knows what will happen but I have enjoyed what I have had so far.


Make More Time For Sorting

Because I’m likely to be going to have to move home soon, I really want to make more time for sorting, doing admin and decluttering my life. I feel this will be useful to do if I have time!


What are your monthly goals?

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