May 2019 Favourites

May has been a funny month full of ups and downs. However, I’m here today to celebrate what I enjoyed, and I have some amazing things to share with you! There’s lots of food and beauty favourites this time and even a little lifestyle thrown in there to shake things up a bit. I hope you enjoy!


Spark Joy By Marie Kondo

If you haven’t heard of Marie Kondo you have been living under a rock, as she has been talked about so much for her decluttering life changing method. I recently got into watching her Netflix series and was inspired to read the book. I have only read a little of the book so far but I’m so excited to get into it and start my own decluttering process. I wouldn’t say I need to drastically declutter, but I want to eliminate anything unnecessary in my life that is taking up space. Living in a small space makes you find a need for only keeping things that “spark joy”. If you are looking to declutter then I really recommend this book! The diagrams show you how to fold clothes for optimum satisfaction and space saving tips. It also makes you revaluate what you have and helps you give your belongings more appreciation.


Aldi Filled Pasta

During May me and my boyfriend have been mostly shopping at Lidl and Aldi. I’m so excited to see how much we have saved with no compromise on quality. One thing I was particularly pleased to find in Aldi was this filled pasta as it can cost over double that elsewhere. It tasted so good and makes a great quick meal after travelling! I will definitely be getting this again.

Waitrose Vegan Mac & Greens

At the end of May I had an evening on my own, so I treated myself to this ready meal by Waitrose. I’ve had them before but had forgotten to mention them and this is by far my favourite vegan ready meal to buy! It’s packed full of flavour from the garlic and earthy kale. It is also so creamy, and you may think it won’t taste good because it’s vegan but trust me it does!

Pip & Nut Cherry Bakewell Almond Butter

I was so excited when Pip & Nut released another limited-edition Almond Butter. This Cherry Bakewell flavour is just so good! The dried cherry pieces just make it sing and it really does taste so almond packed. I love it on a rice cake as a healthy snack.

Aldi Strawberry Conserve

Once again Aldi has won with their amazing conserve. I love how high the fruit content is and it tastes so rich and yummy. It’s such good value too!


Brunch Date Eyeshadow Palette

I’ve been obsessed with this eyeshadow palette lately and I can see why it is all over Instagram. There are so many different combinations from this palette and I just love it!

Salt Of The Earth Natural Deodorant

Although I loved my current natural deodorant, I wanted to try a new one that lasted longer throughout the day. I may have just found one! It takes getting used to as you have to apply it onto wet skin, or run the deodorant under water before applying, but it is so good! It is unscented and does not have any nasty chemicals in. It’s so important to take care of what we put on our bodies! Our skin is our largest organ after all!

Crabtree & Evelyn Citron & Coriander Hand Recovery Scrub

I get very dry hands and I’ve been really loving using this hand scrub by Crabtree & Evelyn to exfoliate off any rough skin. It smells amazing and by hands feel so soft after. I would highly recommend this!

Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm

I love using cleansing balms to take off my makeup and this one makes everything melt away. You only need a small amount and my skin feels so soft afterwards.

What are your favourites this month?


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