A Self-Care Evening

Summer is a time when we cram a lot more into our days and occupy our time socialising and enjoying the sun. Whereas this is nice, down time is essential to maintaining our overall wellbeing. If you are like me, a little self-care is much needed after a busy few days and that’s why I think it is important to have a few moments to yourself. Set aside an afternoon or evening and try and do some things for you.

First Things First… Pampering

A self-care evening is not the same without a little pampering. Try a relaxing soak in the bath with Neom Bath Foam, it is heavenly! I always like to do a face mask when I have more time and love products such as Beauty Pie Five Minute Facial. A lip scrub is always a fantastic idea to freshen the lips and this Burt’s Bees one in the photos is amazing. Before all of this though, a thorough cleanse of the face is so luxurious. At the moment I am loving the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil to remove makeup, alongside a sustainable choice of a face cloth. To finish off the pampering, why not use a luxurious body lotion such as Jo Malone? An intensive hand cream such as the Burt’s Bees one is also divine!

Time To Yourself

I love time to catch up on YouTube or my favourite TV programmes, whilst indulging in a dreamy dessert or a few cubes of chocolate. It is the perfect time to sit and relax after a busy day.

Bed Time

Just before I go to bed, I like to write down any worries I might have in a notebook. This stops me thinking about them when I am trying to sleep. I also jot down in my Daily Thoughts Book by Kikki.K which is a gratitude book. It makes me feel so uplifted after and helps me reflect on the good things in my day. The next step is spraying the pillow with my Deep Pillow Spray for extra calmness. Just before I finish my day, I enjoy delving into the latest book I am reading.

What is your perfect self-care evening?


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