Summer Beauty Favourites

Beauty products really come into their own when the seasons change, and in summer we are looking for things to meet the increase in temperatures. There are a few makeup and skincare items that I feel really elevate my summer holiday feeling. During sunny days, I want products that I can rely on and feel refreshed from using. See which products I’m raving about this summer…

Bare Minerals Original Foundation

I’m very new to this foundation but I just love the natural finish it gives, without clogging your pores up. It is mineral based and so it is really great for your skin! In summer, powder foundation that is as glowy as this is such a lovely thing to use and it sits on the face so lightly.

Autograph Bronzer

I feel in summer I love to use a little bit more bronzer and this one from Autograph is beautiful. It shimmers slightly and gives a healthy glow. I apply it to the areas that the sun would catch the face and it gives a nice natural look. You can also use it as an eyeshadow, to give a subtle makeup look so it is a great multi use product.

Caudalie Beauty Elixir

When the temperatures rise, feeling hot and sticky is not a pleasant thing. This spray from Caudalie is perfect for misting the face throughout the day. It not only hydrates the face, but it also gives you that much needed refreshed feeling.

Bare Minerals Invisible Light Powder Duo

I love this mineral based setting powder. I use the matte version for setting any concealer under my eyes and it helps reduce any creases in my makeup. The glow side is the perfect subtle highlight and nice to use in summer when a radiance is lovely.

Ultrasun Lip Balm

As well as using SPF on your face and body, an SPF lip balm is great for protecting your lips from sun rays. I love this one as it is so balmy and helps my lips to feel silky soft.

Neal’s Yard Wild Rose Beauty Balm

Not only is this a fantastic cleanser to take off makeup, this product has many other uses. You can use it as a face mask, or even on dry patches of skin. Other uses include taming those eyebrows, as a lip balm, or as a highlighter on the face. It is such a lovely product for summer to give us all a little pick me up.

What summer favourites do you have?

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