August 2019 Favourites

August I’m sure has been a busy month for you and it definitely has for me. There are lots of family events in the summer and also time to enjoy the sun. This is a slightly shorter favourites blog post than normal, but I really wanted to mention things that I truly felt I had enjoyed, rather than filling space on here. I feel like we have all been enjoying the sun more and not concerned with finding as many new things. A bit of enjoying the present moment more. I hope you enjoy my favourites!



Chika’s Lightly Salted Plantain Crisps

Plantain crisps are my savoury obsession. They just work so well as they have a hint of sweetness but also a yummy crunch. Love these!

Livia’s Kitchen Salted Almond Butter Nugglets

Wow, these are just incredible! The flavour is amazing, and they are vegan, so we are also saving the planet. They are creamy and additive and make the perfect afternoon pick me up.



Baking More

I’ve really enjoyed getting back into baking a little more this summer. When it is term time and I am teaching I have little time for baking, but I want to make it more of an evening or weekend thing. I love making my own bakes and it is a lot cheaper than the ones you can buy in the shops. This month I made scones, shortbread and mini cupcakes as I had several family occasions to make them for. Baking for others is great because it doesn’t mean you over cater at home and other people can enjoy the food too! I am so excited that the Great British Bake Off is back on our screens too!

Aquaint Sanitising Water

I’ve been using this for so long now, but I don’t know whether I have ever mentioned it on here. When I clean the surfaces at home, I spray this and then use a cloth to wipe away any dust and dirt. I just love this stuff as it contains no chemicals. It is aimed towards sanitising children’s toys etc. but it works equally well as a surface spray for tables, desks and bed-side tables. I don’t use it on my kitchen worktops but for a clean every fortnight in the rest of the home I love it! It is antibacterial and does not irritate my hands when using it. It is also more sustainable than wipes! Definitely recommend!



Vichy Clay Face Mask

My skin has not been as great this summer. I think it is a weather thing as I’ve heard many of you also share the same problems! What I have been finding that has helped is a clay face mask to draw all the toxins out! It dries hard and it so satisfying to melt off with warm water and a face cloth!

Shay & Blue Fragrance

Shay & Blue are a lovely brand and I just love their fragrances. The smell amazing and a quick spritz of this really wakes me up. I have been loving the blood orange scent lately and it is perfect packaging too in this mini bottle.

What are your August Favourites?


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