September 2019 Goals

I love to set monthly goals as it challenges me to be better and push myself out of my comfort zone. It also gives me that space to reflect on things. This month I am back to violin teaching and I can sense it is going to be a busy term to say the least! My sister is also getting married in October so the hen party and other preparations for that is in full swing. I also have to juggle some teaching days this term so I’m hoping I can build in some relaxation time to keep grounded!



Spend More Time Engaging With People On Instagram

I have really enjoyed engaging more with people on Instagram and it has been lovely to have the time to get inspired by others and also find more like-minded souls to chat to about wellness, food, fashion, beauty and sustainability. I have spent more time exploring other people’s Instagram posts and showing my appreciation by commenting more, rather than not having the time to. I really want to keep this up. I also however think it is good to switch off and not make it a necessity to post every single day on Instagram as it makes it more authentic.


Be More Productive

I have tried to switch up my routine a bit in August and I have achieved lots this summer such as taking more spontaneous photo shoots for my blog and also doing my self employment accounts. Not having the teaching in the summer has allowed me to be more proactive on my blog. I do think my productivity could still be worked on so any tips would be so useful! I find when I only allow myself to do Instagram and Twitter content in a time window that helps me focus on bigger tasks like writing blogs without interruptions at other times.


Start Setting Anxiety Goals Again

This is something me and my boyfriend got a little side-tracked on, but we have managed to look at goals again together and I feel inspired to start pushing myself again. There are still goals I feel like I am not ready for yet, but I feel like I have at least made some positive steps.



Go On The Tube More

I avoid the tube and worry too much about the what ifs and worries that come with public transport. For me stepping on a tube involves a lot of anxiety and I often feel like my anxious thoughts restrict me from enjoying London and meeting up with people. I want to set myself a few nice goals to do with tubes such as making a reason for using them again. I want to try and get myself used to them again. I used to get the tube every day in rush hour for work for about an hour each way and back then I was able to cope with it. I had my headphones in and a book to read. These days I worry about the germs and people being pushy and generally unpleasant. I want to try and get past this. I want to think of nice places that I would like to visit or things I would like to do in other parts of London. For example, there are some zero waste stores I could visit, or I could go on an adventure to find a vegan doughnut!


Say No To What I Can’t Fit In

At the start of term things can get a little hectic so I want to make sure I have some breathing space this year to say no to some things. It is so easy to push ourselves until burnout but I want to make sure I build in relaxion time more this year. I want to switch off in the evenings more and have time to cook a meal in a relaxing time frame, rather than rushed before Owen gets home.


Try And Get Thrifty

We are trying to save money at the moment as we are bored of renting and just want to get on the property ladder. However, this comes at a price (especially in London and on a low salary…) and so I need to be more careful with my budgeting, particularly leading up towards winter. It is also my sister’s wedding, Owen’s birthday, Christmas and I have a lot of other expenses like annual private teaching subscriptions to pay for this time of year. I also never really know what I am earning from one month to the next and my income could likely go down this term if gaps in pupils don’t get filled. I want to think more “do I really need this?” or “how could I do this cheaper”. I want to get even more creative with the expenses I can control. Obviously, I still want to get my hair done before my sister’s wedding and things like that but for items like beauty and clothes I could be savvier. Sometimes I buy things ahead of when I need them so I could be more “last minute” with purchases so I don’t also hoard items. I also want to look into more sustainable ways of shopping: shopping less, shopping in second hand vintage stores and upcycling.

What are your September Goals?


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